Bill Browder interview

Bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, on Russian corruption, sanctions and seeking justice for Sergei Magnitsky. May 2018. See topics and timings

Topics and timings

01.11-01.55 Russia’s investment climate and background on the Sergei Magnitsky case
01.56-02.50 Magnitsky's arrest and the corruption scandal he exposed
02.52-04.09 Risks of investing in Russia
04.10-09.15 The ripple effect of the Magnitsky Act
09.16-13.40 Sergei Skripal attack and Alexander Perepilichnyy
13.42-19.56 Russia and the US
20.24-22.00 Whistleblower protection
22.01-24.18 Russia today
24.19-26.48 Sanctions lists and the EU response

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