James Thornton, CEO of ClientEarth - filmed interview

James Thornton of environmental public interest law firm ClientEarth discusses a variety of topics including the use of the law to protect the Earth, air pollution litigation, diesel emissions scandals, Brexit and environmental law, China’s long-term vision for the environment, the US and its short-term approach to the environment, and challenges facing environmental lawyers. Timings and topics

Timings and topics

01.22-01.55 ClientEarth’s evolution, its areas of focus and the use of the law and litigation to protect the Earth;

01.56-09.58 ClientEarth’s air pollution programme and its success in air pollution litigation;

10.00-15.54 Civil society and municipalities in reducing diesel emissions across Europe;

15.55-18.58 Global impact of the diesel emissions scandals and opportunities for governments;

19.01-24.40 Impact of Brexit on environmental law in the UK and whether the country could replicate the success of China’s ‘green’ watchdog;

24.42-28.24 China’s long-term vision for the environment;

28.25-34.28 Training judges and prosecutors in China working on environmental protection cases;

34.30-37.51 Significance of the Paris Agreement and other international agreements in upholding the Rule of Law;

37.52-40.28 US decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement and the role of states and companies in reducing climate change;

40.29-43.40 Divestment from fossil fuels, climate risk and the threat of the 'carbon bubble';

44.43-48.52 The US’ short-term view towards the environment and the challenges facing environmental lawyers worldwide.