Stockholm Human Rights Award Ceremony 2019

Wednesday 6 November 2019

The 2019 recipient of the 11th Stockholm Human Rights Award is David Miliband and the humanitarian aid body that he heads, the International Rescue Committee (IRC). As the child of Jewish refugees who fled to the United Kingdom in the aftermath of World War II, Mr Miliband has a personal interest in supporting those who are displaced by crisis. As President and Chief Executive Officer of the IRC, he oversees relief operations in more than 40 war-affected countries and refugee resettlement programmes across 28 cities in the United States of America.

David Miliband was honoured at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden on 4 November 2019, before an international audience of esteemed diplomats, legal experts and non-governmental organisations.

Given to an individual and/or organisation for outstanding contributions to human rights and the rule of law, the Award is bestowed annually by the Swedish Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the International Legal Assistance Consortium. Former recipients of the Award include Thomas Buergenthal, international jurist and professor of law for more than 50 years, and Mary Robinson, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1997 until 2002, among others.


00.14 - Opening musical performance, Malena Ernman & Mats Bergström

04.33 - Speech by Mia Edwall Insulander, Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association

14.23 - Stockholm Human Rights Award presentation

15.38 - Speech by David Miliband, President & CEO of the International Rescue Committee

30.40 - Musical performance, Malena Ernman & Mats Bergström

34.35 - Interview with David Miliband, by Mark Ellis, IBA Executive Director

1.13.29 - Closing musical performance, Malena Ernman & Mats Bergström