From the Editors - Arbitration Committee bulletin March 2022

Friday 4 March 2022

Michelangelo Cicogna
De Berti Jacchia, Milan

Andre Abbud
BMA, São Paulo

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a pleasure to open 2022 with a solid edition of the IBA Arbitration Committee’s newsletter, with articles covering a wide range of topics of interest to the arbitration community. 

As always with the IBA, the contributions come from a variety of different jurisdictions and the authors bring their own diverse perspectives to issues that are of great importance to arbitral culture and practice.

We will not give spoilers on all the articles published, leaving to you the pleasure of discovery.

We will only say that 2022 promises to be a great year for the IBA Arbitration Committee, under the wise and engaging guidance of our Co-Chairs, Samaa and Valeria. 

The pandemic that has changed our lives in the past two years seems to have finally decided to give us a truce. It is the occasion to re-start our social lives, sharing know-how, professional experiences and, most of all, friendship. We have been eagerly waiting for this moment. 

Therefore… Roll on Istanbul for the IBA Arbitration Day (24-25 March). We look forward to meeting you all in the beautiful Turkish city, whose name in the past millennia (today Istanbul, before Byzantium and Constantinople) resounded of grandeur and prestige. There could not be a better place for a brand-new start of the in-person activities of our community.

After the success of the special edition of our newsletter on international arbitration in Africa, we plan to issue another special edition of the IBA newsletter, this time on advocacy in international arbitration, focusing on the cultural differences that bring added value (but also complexity) to advocacy in the international arena. If you have a contribution to propose on this topic, please reach out to the editors.

Needless to say, there will be also the traditional editions of the newsletter during the year. In this respect, you are all invited to share your insights and expertise. Please submit your articles and contribute to make the IBA newsletter ever richer.

As usual, our sincerest thanks go to our authors who have made this edition of the newsletter truly special. We would also like to thank the Editorial Board for their continuous work, and the IBA content and production team for finalising this edition. We would also like to show appreciation to our predecessor, Nania Owusu-Ankomah Sackey, who was pivotal in the preparation of this newsletter.

See you in Istanbul!