IBA heads of departments

All routine enquiries should be sent to iba@int-bar.org or member@int-bar.org

Executive Director: Mark Ellis

E-mail: mark.ellis@int-bar.org
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Senior Executive Assistant: Talia Dove

E-mail: talia.dove@int-bar.org

Personal and project support to Executive Director; organisation and administration of Management Board.

Executive Assistant: Susan Burkert

E-mail: susan.burkert@int-bar.org

Project support to Executive Director, also provides support to the IBA President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, and IBA Corporate Secretary.

Deputy Executive Director: Tim Hughes

E-mail: tim.hughes@int-bar.org

Oversees the operational work and growth of the IBA, including its publications, online presence, legal projects and research, technology, conferences, membership, branding, marketing, sponsorship and public relations - in its London head office and regional offices around the world. Engaged in the IBA's partnerships with other global bodies including the United Nations and the OECD, works closely with the IBA's Human Rights Institute, and is a Trustee of eyeWitness, the UK charity which supports the gathering of evidence of human rights crimes.

Corporate Secretary: Rowan Paterson

E-mail: rowan.paterson@int-bar.org

Guides the IBA Officers and Management Board on their responsibilities under the rules and regulations to which they are subject and on how those responsibilities should be discharged. Advises the Board and its Committees on all matters of corporate governance.

Human Resources Director: Donna Canty

E-mail: donna.canty@int-bar.org

Departmental E-mail: recruitment@int-bar.org

Human resource management.

Operations Director: Joe Bell

E-mail: joe.bell@int-bar.org

Management and oversight of Conferences, Marketing, Membership, Sponsorship, Divisions and IBA offices in London, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Washington DC and The Hague.

Human Rights Institute Director: Helena Kennedy

E-mail: Helena.Kennedy@int-bar.org
Management of IBAHRI. Missions; long-term technical assistance; interventions; trial observations; workshops; training; newsletters; surveys; and fundraising.

Director of Legal Projects: Sara Carnegie

E-mail: Sara.Carnegie@int-bar.org
Overseeing the Legal Policy and Research team and Bar Issues Commission (BIC) legal project lawyer.

Divisions Director: Ronnie Hayward

E-mail: ronnie.hayward@int-bar.org
Management and oversight of LPD; communications between IBA Office, committee officers and members.

Head of BIC: Zuzana Jaklova

E-mail: zuzana.jaklova@int-bar.org
Management and oversight of the Bar Issues Commission; administration of IBA Council meetings and Standing Committees.

Head of Divisions Administration: Sandra D'Souza

E-mail: sandra.dsouza@int-bar.org
Departmental E-mail: divisions@int-bar.org
Management and oversight of SPPI; communications between council, committee officers and members. Running the administration team within the Divisions Department.

Conferences Director: Julie Elliott

E-mail: julie.elliott@int-bar.org
Departmental E-mail: confs@int-bar.org
Management of the department; planning and direction of regional and specialist conferences; implementation of the direction of major conferences.

Communications Director: Romana St Mathew-Daniel

E-mail: Romana.daniel@int-bar.org

Head of Marketing: Jennie Castro

E-mail: jennie.castro@int-bar.org
Departmental E-mail: ibamarketing@int-bar.org

Management and oversight of all the IBA marketing activities, materials and promotion.

Membership Manager: Joanna Budzowska-Gawlak

E-mail: joanna.budzowska-gawlak@int-bar.org
Departmental E-mail: member@int-bar.org

Management of the department; oversight of all activities and initiatives around membership for the entire IBA.

Sponsorship Director: Andrew Webster-Dunn

E-mail: Andrew.Webster-Dunn@int-bar.org
Management of the department; responsible for all aspects of advertising & sponsorship for all conferences, publications and websites including policy, structure and processes.

Content Director: James Lewis

E-mail: james.lewis@int-bar.org
Departmental E-mail: editor@int-bar.org
Editorial responsibility for IBA Global Insight and all the IBA's journals and magazines; newsletters; editorial content of e-news and website.

Creative Director: Tim Licence

E-mail: tim.licence@int-bar.org
Production responsibility for all publications; newsletters; books; promotional materials; management of web team and responsibility for development of website user experience; Branding and visual identity; photography and filming.

Finance Director: Lucie Risley

E-mail: lucie.risley@int-bar.org
Departmental E-mail: account@int-bar.org

Quarterly and annual accounts; management of department; tax returns.

Office Manager: Lowri Williams

E-mail: lowri.williams@int-bar.org
Office services, facilities and supplies; HR support; management of IT