The IBA Council

What is the IBA Council?

The IBA Council is the governing body of the International Bar Association. It elects the IBA President, Vice President and Secretary-General; proposes, debates and passes resolutions; and receives reports from all IBA Divisions. When the IBA speaks, it does so as a truly international organisation which has given a fair hearing to all points of view from members representing small or developing bars countries as well as the larger ones so all organisations can find a voice on an international stage.

The council’s membership comprises up to two representatives (IBA Councillors) of each Member Organisation, the present and immediate past IBA Officers, the three senior Officers of each Division and their immediate past Chairs, Deputy Secretary Generals (DSGs), Chairs of all the IBA Standing Committees, Honorary life members and Honorary life Presidents. At the Council meeting each national/regional law society or bar association has the opportunity to discuss issues and problems facing its own organisation’s members.

The Council meets twice each year, once during the IBA mid-year meetings (usually in May), and again during the IBA Annual Conference in September/ October of each year.

Although it is the governing body of the IBA, the Council delegates the day-to-day running of the Association to a Management Board comprising four IBA Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary-General and Treasurer) and Division representatives, including the BIC Chair, BIC Senior Vice Chair and the BIC Immediate Past Chair. The Management Board meets three times a year and is concerned with matters of administration and management. Matters of policy are raised for the attention of the Council.

The role of the councillors – The IBA councillors are the key liaison between the IBA and their bar association/ law society. Up to two councillors must be appointed by the President of the Bar Association. Generally we encourage the councillors to be of a senior status within their own organisation and it is worth bearing in mind the level of time and commitment the role can involve.

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