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Intern Newsletters

The IBA Intern Newsletter was created in 2020 and every intern from each programme are invited to submit a short article on a topic of their choice, which is included in the newsletter. This newsletter is then circulated to all IBA staff and features on the IBA’s Legal Internship Programme website. This is a fantastic opportunity for our interns so showcase not only their writing and research skills but also their understanding and thoughts on a legal topic of interest to them.

The findings, interpretations and conclusions expressed in the newsletters are the work of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the International Bar Association.

Intern Newsletter September 2021

Jerry Zhu, Eva C Pitsi, Nadim Dabbous, Ellie Persellin, Danilo Angulo-Molina, Shereen Hafidh, Zara Cassid, Vlada Gurvich, Harriet Watson

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Intern Newsletter June 2021

Anna Hübner, Binta Yade, Beryl Meng, Charlotte White, Fitry Nabiilah Hamidah, Ivy Shiechelo, Khoa Doan, Phoebe Cook, Edmund Crawley

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Intern Newsletter March 2021

Blánaid Ní Chearnaigh, Danilo Angulo-Molina, João Stuart, Julia Myron, Sadaf Azimi, Francisca Rebolledo, Vinuri Gajanayake, Emilia Cieslak, Jessica Lawrence, Monica Murray

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Intern Newsletter December 2020

Nigel Chidombwe, Jake Brownell, Maria Shepard, Madeleine Brach, Manpreet Dayal, Yassin Osman, Jonathan Berger, Mahdev Singh Sachdev, Farah El Houni, Nana Kruashvili, Sophia Billias

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Intern Newsletter September 2020

Iness Arabi, Elkhan Heydarli, Agnes Rydberg, Alexander Chan, Talitha Adnet Lima, Victoria Riello, Nurbek Sabirov, Mini Saxena, Emma Franklin, Zhonghua Du

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Intern Newsletter July 2020

Laura Krawczyk, Alessia Mercuri, Farai Chikwanha, Lindsay Johnson, Tatenda Zvogbo

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Intern Newsletter April 2020

Aarushi Mehta, Laura Krawczyk, Martin Davenas, Marilena Stegbauer, Sharon Rausch, Colette Allen

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