China's role in the world

Monday 10 October 2022

From Europe to the Pacific Ocean, China’s playing an ever-greater role in the world. Having deepened its strategic alliance with Russia, China's position on the Ukraine conflict is watched closely. Meanwhile, observers speculate as to what action it might take towards Taiwan. Democratic countries are also taking further steps to counter Chinese power in the Asia-Pacific region, which is being undermined by its Zero Covid policy.

We speak to:

  • Andrew Gilholm, Principal and Director of Analysis for Greater China and North Asia at the global risk consultancy Control Risks, assesses China's partnership with Russia - and its limits
  • Bonnie S Glaser, Director of the Asia Program at the German Marshall Fund in Washington, DC, expands on China's position on the Ukraine conflict and its relationship with Western powers
  • Yuka Kobayashi, Professor of China and International Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, considers the situation with Taiwan
  • Yun Zhou, Scholarship Officer on the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee and an equity partner at Zhong Lun Firm, based in Shanghai, discusses China's approach to the pandemic

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