PPID Activity Fund

The objective of the fund is to provide financial assistance to the PPID’s committees and entities, be they individual or organisational, allowing projects and activities to be launched which would not otherwise be possible. The key criteria are that all such projects or activities must promote public interest and professionalism, and raise the stature and visibility of both the PPID and the IBA. As such, projects which will benefit a wide range of individuals or groups are encouraged over those which will benefit or be of relevance only to a small group.

To date, over £950,000 has been awarded to various projects. If your committee/entity has a project in mind that would require funding, please complete an application form and submit it to Julia Czerniakow at Julia.Czerniakow@int-bar.org.

The PPID Steering Group reviews applications three times yearly and the deadlines are as follows:

February 1st   |     May 1st    |  October 1st

To submit an application, both the budget breakdown and the project proposal form need to be completed first, and then these need to be attached to the online application.

PPID Activity Fund application