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Wednesday 3 May (1500 - 1700)

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The session will focus on how to cross-examine experts, based on a hypothetical supported by materials. The attendees are invited to read the materials in advance, to acquaint themselves with the case and follow the seminar more effectively.

The session will start with the advocates describing how best to cross-examine an expert witness. This will be followed by experts explaining what they expect from their ultimate clients, instructing solicitors and advocates and their duties to the Court/Tribunal. Advocates and experts will swap war stories about their experiences in and out of the witness box. The advocates will then demonstrate cross-examination in action, highlighting the styles and techniques from their respective jurisdictions (US, UK, Argentina), with the experts playing the good, the bad or the ugly witnesses– it won’t be plain sailing. Eventually, it is time for the audience to get involved, with participants taking on the role of advocate/expert and experimenting with the various techniques. We will end with a Q&A with the panel and a general discussion about the session.

The session will be a great opportunity for young lawyers and law students to learn from seasoned professionals and to get acquainted with the difficult art of cross-examination.

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Litigation Committee (Lead)
Young Litigators Forum (Lead)

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