3rd Silicon Beach Conference

1 Feb - 3 Feb 2017

Session information

Session six: Scaling up – growing the business and preparing for an exit, From start-up to scale-up.


North American Regional Forum (Lead)


Scale-up is one of the most challenging stages in the life-cycle of a company. In particular for technology companies and for disruptive business models, scale-up stage kicks in very quickly and increasingly early. Scale-up involves the use of more resources (money, people, infrastructure), a substantial or even dramatic acceleration of cash-burn and the need to efficiently manage such resources. The challenges of scale-up are the top cause of failure for companies that survive the start-up stage. In this highly interactive session, entrepreneurs and legal practitioners from the US and Europe will discuss the challenges of scale-up, their own successes and failures, and set up a roadmap for guiding entrepreneurs through the scale-up stage.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Marco Rizzi Bratschi Ltd, Zürich, Switzerland; Conference Coordinator, Closely Held Companies Committee
Cameron Taylor EY Law, Auckland, New Zealand; Membership Officer, Closely Held Companies Committee


Dan Beldy Refinery Ventures, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Martin Imhof Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, Düsseldorf, Germany