20th Annual International Arbitration Day Conference

30 Mar - 31 Mar 2017

Marriott Hotel

Session information

The role of the Tribunal in the assessment of the burden proof, “inquisitorial” v. “adversarial” arbitrators.
Marriott Hotel


Arbitration Committee (Lead)
European Regional Forum (Lead)


• How proactive should an arbitral tribunal be in the search of the truth? • Is there a convergence of approaches in international arbitration? • Does the arbitral tribunal need to do the parties’ homework or should it simply apply rules of burden of proof?


Yves Derains Derains & Gharavi, Paris, France
Judith Gill Allen & Overy LLP, Singapore, Singapore; Member, Arbitration Committee Advisory Board
Horacio A Grigera Naon Arbitre international, Washington, District of Columbia, USA