12th Annual Bar Leaders’ Conference

24 May - 25 May 2017

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Protectionism, cooperation or exploitation: how local and international lawyers work together today and best practices for bar associations to help their professions win a bigger slice of the international pie


Bar Issues Commission (Lead)
Bar Issues Commission (Lead)


Whatever the future trends in international trade deals and whatever the approach of your local bar (whether conservative or liberal), there will continue to be cooperation across borders between lawyers and law firms. In countries that export legal services, it represents an opportunity for firms to provide local services through a known entity. For countries that import legal services, it is an opportunity for their lawyers to gain a bigger slice of the international pie. Clearly, the meeting point between the interests of the two types of countries is in the regulation of such activities. This session will be an opportunity to explore some of the issues, particularly as covered by the forthcoming IBA Handbook on association between local and foreign lawyers, and to consider some of the Handbook’s proposed best practices.