20th Annual International Arbitration Day Conference

30 Mar - 31 Mar 2017

Session information

IBA Mediation Committee breakfast - Managing information and documents in mediation: best practices and common pitfalls


Arbitration Committee (Lead)
European Regional Forum (Lead)


Roberta Regazzoni project manager of RisolviOnline.com – the first Italian online dispute resolution platform and Michael McIlwrath, two unique profiles, well acquainted with both mediation and arbitration techniques, and prominently respected as Project Manager and the other as in-house Corporate Counsel, respectively will share their experiences of and expectations with respect to both mediators and lawyer’s assisting as mediation advocates, with a particular focus on managing information and exchanging document. All stages of the mediation process will be covered, from pre, in, up to post-mediation issues: preparing for mediation or for making an offer to mediate, drafting papers for maximizing impact; handling and sharing information. The following issues will be discussed: how much is too much or too little; what are the required, expected or desired levels of information sharing; how should confidentiality be managed; are there avoidable from both mediator and mediator advocate perspectives? In addition to the two in-house speakers, Jil Ahdab will also bring his private practice input to compare arbitration and mediation as far as sharing documents are concerned, but will also tell us about what the recent French law on ADR’s has to offer in that field.