34th International Financial Law Conference

17 May - 19 May 2017

Swissotel Tallinn

Session information

Follow-up on capital markets regulatory overflows - has EU regulation helped to strengthen cpaital markets and is there room for improvement?
Swissotel Tallinn


Banking Law Committee (Lead)
Financial Services Section (Lead)
Financial and Banking Law Conferences Subcommittee (Lead)
Legal Practice Division (Lead)
Securities Law Committee (Lead)
European Regional Forum


In 2016, as part of the ‘Capital Markets Union’ project to improve many aspects of capital raising in Europe, a proposed framework Prospectus Regulation came on the scene. While this contains a number of promising aspects (also taking up some ideas developed in earlier IFLCs), market participants still have to cope with a plethora of other regulations such as Dodd Frank, Basel III, CRD, EMIR, MAR and MiFID II. Moreover, European capital markets legislation is followed by a multitude of additional rules such as implementing and technical standards, guidelines and Q&As, both on a EU and national level. • How do practitioners, issuers and financial institutions cope with all these rules and changes? • How does one plan efficiently both during the rulemaking process and at the period thereafter once the rules have become law? • Are there undiscovered synergies or methodical solutions that people are not grasping?