IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Room 209, Level 2

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Protecting judges in conflicts, revolutions and times of political oppression
Room 209, Level 2
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Judges' Forum (Lead)
Bar Issues Commission
Human Rights Law Committee
IBA's Human Rights Institute
Rule of Law Forum


HumanRightsRuleOfLawJudges are appointed to uphold the Rule of Law. They take on responsibilities for society to ensure the impartiality of legal process, provide fairness in courts, protect the rights of individuals and take important decisions upon the liberty of citizens. The role of judges in times of conflict, revolution and political oppression requires bravery to uphold the Rule of Law. There are many famous historical examples, but we have witnessed in modern times judges who have upheld their moral and ethical standards to ensure the Rule of Law prevails. Conversely, others have not, some because they have feared for their lives and that of their family (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/16/world/americas/venezuela-rights.html). This session will examine these problems in the 21st century. We will discuss certain jurisdictions where judges are the target of the enemies of the Rule of Law, we will look at case histories and discuss what protections can be made and how the international community should respond? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-58709353 https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/HRCouncil/FFMV/A-HRC-48-CRP.5_EN.pdf

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Steven Kay KC 9BR Chambers , London, England; Secretary, Judges' Forum
Kimitoshi Yabuki Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Tokyo, Japan; BIC Chair


Justice David Barniville President of the High Court of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland; Senior Vice Chair, Judges' Forum
Diego García-Sayán United Nations , Lima, Peru
Baroness Helena Kennedy KC IBA Human Rights Institute, London, England
Judge Lida Kharooti Sayeed College Of William And Mary Law School, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Justice Ngozika Okaisabor PhD. Customary Court of Appeal, Abuja, Nigeria; Chair, Judges' Forum
Judge Gloria Patricia Porras Constitutional Court in Guatemala (former), Guatemala, Maryland, USA
Alka Pradhan Military Commissions Defense Organization, Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Co-Vice Chair , Human Rights Law Committee
Berit Reiss-Andersen The Norwegian Bar Association, Oslo, Norway; BIC Vice Chair
Hon Richard Sullivan US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, New York, New York, USA; Vice Chair, Judges' Forum
Joanna Weller LexisNexis, London, England; Co-Chair, Rule of Law Forum