IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Room 208, Level 2

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SUSTAINABILITY FOCUS Sustainable project decommissioning - reality or utopia?

Tuesday 1 November (1615 - 1730)

Room 208, Level 2
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International Construction Projects Committee (Lead)


SustainabilityFocusSustainable construction and project delivery methods are gaining significant importance across the world and marking a clear trend as governments and financiers toughen regulations and requirements aimed at meeting national and global environmental protection and social accountability policies. But what happens when infrastructure projects reach the end of their intended lifetime? Departing from the concept that decommissioning is not simply the reverse of construction, this session will explore the complexities, processes, risks, responsibilities and challenges derived from the increasing need to apply sustainability principles to project decommissioning, with a particular focus on their impact and feasibility on developing economies.

SUSTAINABILITY FOCUS sessions marked as such are part of the IBA Annual Conference 2022 sustainability focus on Tuesday and Thursday, grouping sessions discussing different aspects of ESG and sustainability across the different legal fields.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Douglas Oles Smith Currie Oles, Seattle, Washington, USA; Co-Chair, Project Execution Subcommittee


Katherine Bell Schellenberg Wittmer, Zürich, Switzerland
Sarah Biser Fox Rothschild, New York, New York, USA
Lucila “Luli” Hemmingsen King & Spalding, New York, New York, USA
Professor Tuomas Lehtinen Castren & Snellman, Helsinki, Finland