IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Room 210, Level 2

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The weaponisation of freedom of expression

Tuesday 1 November (1115 - 1230)

Room 210, Level 2
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Media Law Committee (Lead)


HumanRightsThe last decade has seen an explosion of content on social and traditional media designed to sow misinformation and social division. Whether tied to Covid, elections, climate change, nationalism, or other hot button issues, the content - some of it deliberately generated by rival states for geopolitical advantage - is fuelling such divorced realities that it threatens international stability. In response, many countries are considering or have implemented laws and regulations to control "misinformation" online. But is it possible for the law to distinguish between weaponized misinformation and the organic dialogue necessary for the democratic process? Can the law provide a response without infringing on fundamental human rights? Or do these cures pose greater risks than the disease?

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Mark Stephens CBE Howard Kennedy LLP, London, England; IBAHRI Co-Chair, IBA's Human Rights Institute


Samantha Bradshaw American University, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Nighat Dad Digital Rights Foundation, Lahore, Pakistan
Scott Wilkens Knight First Amendment Institute, New York, New York, USA
Can Yeginsu 3 Verulam Buildings, London, England