IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Rooms 201-202, Level 2

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“Is that green?” – how franchise and distribution networks adapt to customers’ increased awareness for climate change and the demand for carbon neutral products and services
Rooms 201-202, Level 2
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International Franchising Committee (Lead)


This programme will examine what franchise companies are doing to adapt to customers' increased awareness for climate change and demand for carbon neutral products and services.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Olivia Gast Gast Avocats, Paris, France; Corporate Counsel Forum Liaison Officer, International Franchising Committee
Dagmar Waldzus BUSE, Hamburg, Germany; Diversity and Inclusion Officer, International Franchising Committee


Alessandro Maria Barzaghi COCUZZA, Milan, Italy; Programme Officer, International Commerce and Distribution Committee
Beata Krakus Greensfelder Hemker & Gale, Chicago, Illinois, USA
John Sotos Sotos LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada