5th IBA European Startup Conference

27 Sep - 28 Sep 2022

Session information

Session seven : Hot topics roundtables

Wednesday 28 September (1330 - 1500)


This session will focus on the trends within different tech sectors. You will have an opportunity to participate in two interactive round table sessions on two of the below topics. Share your experience within the various sectors or take the opportunity to improve your knowledge in a new field. We will learn some key take away points from each sector.

1.    Planet Positive – tech and tech-enabled companies are enabling the transition to sustainable practices in fields such as energy, water and chemicals.
2.    Frontier tech/Deep – tech is pushing the boundaries of science and engineering through technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain, advanced material, biotech and quantum computing. 
3.    Improving Health – tech companies are improving patient welfare and thereby revolutionising health care and healthcare systems. Such improvements see the use of AI to predict certain illness and technologies being used in preventive care. 
4.    The Future of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology – insights from the pandemic, the digital transformation and applications of IoT, AI and robotics to manufacturing processes are challenging the traditional approaches, practices, and business models of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
5.    Future Finance – new business models and technologies are powering financial and insurance systems and leading to an explosion in fintech and insurtech.  
6.    Digital Work – empowering workers and enhancing productivity. The digital workplace must help shape culture, engage employees in the mission and simplify the way employees do their work. 
7.    Empowered Individuals/Education – championing new forms of online education and powering the creation of personal productivity. Education plays a significant role in the empowerment of individuals and the use of new technology can have a great impact here. 
8.    Future of Food and Drink – new business models and technologies are reinventing how food and drink is produced, distributed and consumed.
9.    Mobility – the way people and goods are moving is changing. Mobility is one of the key factors for how cities will develop in the future. New technologies – if used the right way – can help to contribute to smart cities.
10.    Industrial Automation – industry, manufacturing, production and construction processes are becoming more efficient with the implementation of new technologies to control systems, such as computers or robots as well as information technologies. 
11.    Legal tech – new technologies such as blockchain and AI are being identified as technologies that many disrupt the legal profession in an unprecedented way.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Emma Dansbo Cirio, Stockholm, Sweden
Antonia Verna Portolano Cavallo, Milan, Italy; Vice Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Group, European Regional Forum