Biennial IBA Latin American Regional Forum conference

22 Mar - 24 Mar 2023

Session information

Breakout session 2 - The challenge of data protection: new trends in terms of regulation, investigation and emblematic cases

Wednesday 22 March (1630 - 1800)


Latin American Regional Forum (Lead)


In an increasingly data-driven world with changes in the way that personal data is used, privacy regulations are set to be a major talking point in 2023. Governments and regulatory bodies seem determined in reforming laws that govern privacy protection and how organisations must put procedures and policies in place to secure personal information. The extraterritorial use of personal data of companies are under pressure to adapt to evolving global privacy norms and to face challenges concerning investigations for unlawful use of personal information.

This session will discuss how to find balance in regulation in a data-centric technology era, strengthening rights of users, pushing for enhanced privacy accountability mechanisms for organisations and look at how current laws can be enforced around the globe.


Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Agustin Mayer Ferrere, Montevideo, Uruguay; Website Officer, Latin American Regional Forum
Lorenzo Villegas-Carrasquilla CMS Rodriguez-Azuero, Bogota, Colombia


Mario Arrua-Leon Equifax, Asuncion, Paraguay
Catherine Collins Falabella, Santiago, Chile
Adriana Olarte Jeronimo Martins Colombia SAS, Bogota, Colombia
Paula Vargas META, Buenos Aires, Argentina