Biennial IBA Latin American Regional Forum conference

22 Mar - 24 Mar 2023

Session information

Emerging legal issues in the metaverse: new digital horizons for businesses


Latin American Regional Forum (Lead)


The metaverse, AR and VR technologies call on those who practice law to rethink the legal structures and tools available to them, often from an innovative perspective that accepts a set of new realities that expand the possibilities of human relationships. Beyond the hype around NFTs, videogames and virtual worlds have introduced a new form of human interaction, and its evolution as metaverses exceed the entertainment industry. Legal issues in the metaverse related to data protection, intellectual property, immersive commerce and digital assets, represent a vast opportunity and new challenges for lawyers the world over. In this session we will discuss the different applications of the metaverse in the business world and the emerging legal issues that surround it.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Estif Aparicio Arias Fabrega & Fabrega, Panama City, Panama; Member, Latin American Regional Forum Advisory Board
Lina Uribe Gomez-Pinzon Abogados, Bogota, Colombia


Jonas Bergstein Bergstein Abogados, Montevideo, Uruguay
Alejandro Correa Rappi, Bogota, Colombia
Lucas Marsden-Smedley Rodriguez FTI Consulting, London, England
Ana Paula Rumualdo Hogan Lovells, Mexico City, Mexico