Biennial IBA Latin American Regional Forum conference

22 Mar - 24 Mar 2023

Session information

Breakout session 7 - Innovation, technology and the Rule of Law


Latin American Regional Forum (Lead)


Technology is changing the world and the way people conduct business and interact with government. The Justice System is not an exception, and it has greatly benefited from the use of new technologies and innovation. During the pandemic, authorities, courts, and judges all around the world had to innovate to guarantee access to justice. Without a doubt, innovation and technology can help with an equal access to justice, eliminating discrimination and improving transparency. In this panel, experts will discuss the various technological innovations that have been adopted across Latin America to improve the functioning of the rule of law.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Carlos Del Rio Creel Garcia-Cuellar Aiza y Enriquez, Mexico City, Mexico; Conference Quality Officer, Latin American Regional Forum
Erika Villarreal Anzola Robles & Asociados, Panama City, Panama; National Representatives Officer, Young Lawyers' Committee


Carolina Aguirre BAQSN, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Ximena Camacho Chevron, Bogota, Colombia
John Dedyo Hunton Andrews Kurth, New York, New York, USA
Roberto Durrieu Estudio Durrieu, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Latin American Regional Forum Liaison Officer, Rule of Law Forum
Diego Salto Consortium Legal, San Jose, Costa Rica