28th Annual International Private Client Conference: New realities in the private client practice

5 Mar - 7 Mar 2023

Session information

Responsibilities of advisors; tales of the unexpected


The legal world has been working at short breath. Clients want answers to their questions that are often sent by e-mail or messenger provider systems at once. However, their matters have a longer breath, and solutions provided may no longer be fit because circumstances have changed. Such changes can occur anywhere between highly personal issues such as sudden hostile divorces, spontaneous planning-free marriages, death or birth of persons entitled to an estate, the falling-out with relatives, the rise or fall of family fortunes, sanctions imposed on the client or a family member, changes in the law and in the taxation, and unexpected changes in the order of decease.

· What happens if the legal solutions suggested by the legal team do not reflect the change nobody expected?

· As from when is there exposure for the law firm and/or advising lawyer?

· What is the legal standard to take changes into account?

· How much change expectation must we bear when advising?

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Ellen Kratzer Fiduciary Trust Company International, New York, New York, USA
Markus Zwicky Zwicky & Partner, Zug, Switzerland; Membership Officer, Private Client Tax Committee


Rachel Mainwaring-Taylor Raworths LLP, Harrogate, England; Treasurer, Private Client Tax Committee
Stella Strati Patrikios Pavlou & Associates, Limassol, Cyprus