28th Annual IBA Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference - Restructuring vs Insolvency

21 May - 23 May 2023

Session information

Handbook for the picky client: which suits you best? Comparison among the different restructuring regimes, which one would suit you better, when and why? A comparison chart


A number of jurisdictions have enacted new restructuring regimes in the recent years. Such regimes provide different features, many times adapted to the particular circumstances of the applicable jurisdiction. The purpose of this panel would be to offer an oversight of certain of those restructuring regimes, and to assess, in the light of their applicable features, which ones would suit better equity holders, creditors, debtors, employees and other eventual stakeholders with an interest in the restructuring process.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Fernando Quicios PEREZ-LLORCA, Madrid, Spain; Mid-Year Meetings Conference Officer, Insolvency Section


Tomas Araya Bomchil, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Senior Vice Chair of Membership, Insolvency Section
Marco Passalacqua BonelliErede, Rome, Italy
Alexandra Schluck-Amend CMS Germany, Stuttgart, Germany
Presley L Warner Sullivan & Cromwell, London, England

Session presentations