19th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference

13 Jun - 14 Jun 2023

Session information

Panel 10: Lawyers as enablers or gatekeepers? Planning the IBA’s work in the sphere of legal ethics and anti-corruption


It has been over ten years since the IBA last embarked on a data gathering exercise regarding the existence and effectiveness of anti-corruption and money laundering legislation on a global scale.  In the meantime, discourse surrounding the role of lawyers as potential enablers of illicit financial flows, as well as their client’s ‘lawful but awful’ behaviour, has only intensified. 

The time has now come to embark on a connected series of projects: one designed to examine the evolution of lawyers’ perspectives on those regimes designed to combat the transfer of illegal assets, and the other questioning the existential issue of the ethical role of lawyers in society. This session will involve a discussion of the IBA Legal Policy and Research Unit’s plans to revive the IBA’s historic anti-corruption and money laundering surveys, as well as efforts to facilitate a new discussion concerning the role of lawyers as ethical gatekeepers in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the ongoing climate crisis.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Sara Carnegie International Bar Association, London, England; Member, IBA Diversity & Inclusion Council


Mary Crane-Charef OECD, Paris, France
David Lewis Kroll , Paris, France
Leopoldo Pagotto Freitas Leite e Avvad Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil; Member, Anti-Corruption Committee Advisory Board
Robert Wyld Johnson Winter & Slattery, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Regional Representative Australia, Asset Recovery Committee