IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Room 229 A, Level 2

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Client relationship management (CRM): practical tips to build relationships with your clients and useful tools to nurture and maintain it
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We, as lawyers, often try to make success too complicated. We focus on all of the little fragmented components, while ignoring the one thing that matters. The key to legal practice success is winning and keeping clients. And the key to winning and keeping clients is, and has always been, relationships. How would you grade your client relationships on a scale of 1 to 10 right now? Client relationship management (CRM) strategies have steadily become integral to businesses around the world, as increased access to data has given companies the ability to analyse and manage all steps of the customer acquisition and retention process. Law firms are also coming to recognise the value of client relationship management, and how it can support a firm in gaining and maintaining clients. Why is client relationship management important? Are firms effectively managing relationships? How do firms cultivate positive relationships with clients and leads; and is a way to accelerate the process? There is a growing awareness that both basic legal services and some more advanced services can be delivered inexpensively through other ways. Strong relationships with your existing clients may partially buffer you from these changes. Yet to thrive and continue to attract and retain your existing clients, you need to change with the times. Do not miss this top session packed with strategies and tools by one of the global leading authorities of relationship building for professionals; advocate Itzik Amiel. Join to learn effective and proven client relationship strategies, processes, and systems that help you develop clients for life. As the delivery of legal services and attorney-client relationships evolve, developing your client relationships strategy gives you the tools to create and cement relationships with existing clients. In this session we will cover four main points:

1) Selected client relationships strategies that work
A selection of proven client relationship management strategies to consider for your law firm.

2) The client growth matrix
Knowing how to build the right relationships with clients on a firm level as well as individually with the relevant people in the firm.

3) CRM system - a must or good to have?
Insights and strategies on system to manage client relationships. Innovative ideas on personal CRM (vs. firm's CRM).

4) Tools to manage, nurture and maintain client relationships
Tools that give you a systematic approach to maintain and strengthen client relationships and trust.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Itzik Amiel THE SWITCH™ | THE SWITCH HUB™, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Chair, Law Firm Management - Business Development and Marketing Subcommittee