IBA Annual Conference Sydney 2017

8 Oct - 13 Oct 2017

Cockle Bay Room 1

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Group Member Breakfast
Cockle Bay Room 1


Academic and Professional Development Committee
Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee
African Regional Forum
Agency and Distribution Subcommittee
Alternative and New Law Business Structures Committee
Anti-Corruption Committee
Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Expert Subcommittee
Antitrust Section
Antitrust Section
Arab Regional Forum
Arbitration Committee
Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee
Asia Pacific Regional Forum
Asset Management and Investment Funds Committee
Aviation Law Committee
BIC International Trade in Legal Services Committee
Banking & Financial Law Committee
Banking Regulation Subcommittee
Bar Issues Commission
Bar Issues Commission Policy Committee
Bar Issues Commission Regulation Committee
Business Crime Committee
Business Human Rights Committee
Capital Markets Forum
Class Actions Committee
Clearing and Settlement of Financial Securities Subcommittee
Closely Held Companies Committee
Commercial Real Estate Subcommittee
Communications Law Committee
Complex Acquisitions Subcommittee
Copyright and Entertainment Law Subcommittee
Corporate Counsel Forum
Corporate Counsel Forum
Corporate Governance and Activism Subcommittee
Corporate Law Section
Corporate Membership Subcommittee
Corporate and M&A Law Committee
Creditors' Rights Subcommittee
Crimes Against Women Subcommittee
Criminal Law Committee
Criminal Law Section
Cybersecurity Subcommitee
Data Law Subcommittee
Disability Rights Working Group
Dispute Resolution Section
Dispute Resolution Subcommittee
Diversity and Equality Law Committee
Electronic Entertainment and Online Gaming Subcommittee
Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee
Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law Section (SEERIL)
Environment, Health and Safety Law Committee
European Community Jurisdiction & Judgments Subcommittee
European Regional Forum
Export Controls, Sanctions and Anti-Corruption Subcommittee
Family Law Committee
Financial Conferences Subcommittee
Financial Services Section
Financial and Banking Law Conferences Subcommittee
Financial and Tax Aspects of International Sales Subcommittee
Fintech Subcommittee
Forum for Barristers and Advocates
General meetings
Global Employment Institute (GEI)
Government Procurement Subcommittee
Hague Conference on Private International Law Subcommittee
Healthcare and Life Sciences Law Committee
Human Resources Section
Human Rights Law Committee
IBA Arb40 Subcommittee
IBA Arbitration Guidelines and Rules Subcommittee
IBA's Human Rights Institute
IBAHRI Charitable Trust
IP Transactions and Technology Transfer Subcommittee
IP and Entertainment Law Publications Subcommittee
Immigration and Nationality Law Committee
Indigenous Peoples Committee
Industrial Espionage and Business Intelligence Working Group
Innovations in Financing Transactions Subcommittee
Insolvency Section
Insolvent Financial Institutions Subcommittee
Institutes and Trusts
Institutes and Trusts
Insurance Committee
Insurance Regulation Subcommittee
Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee
Intellectual Property, Communications and Technology Section
International Children's Issues Subcommittee
International Commerce and Distribution Committee
International Commerce, Trade, Franchising and Product Law Section
International Construction Projects Committee
International Conventions and Trade Agreements Subcommittee
International Financial Law Reform Subcommittee
International Franchising Committee
International Litigation Conventions and Laws Subcommittee
International Organisations Subcommittee
International Trade and Customs Law Committee
Investment Arbitration Subcommittee
Islamic Finance Subcommittee
Judges' Forum
LGBTQI+ Law Committee
Land Transport Subcommittee
Latin American Regional Forum
Law Firm Management Committee
Law and Individual Rights Section
Legal Opinions Subcommittee
Legal Practice Division
Legislation and Policy Subcommittee
Leisure Industries Section
Life Sciences Subcommittee
Litigation Committee
Management of the Corporate Legal Function Subcommittee
Maritime and Aviation Law Section
Maritime and Transport Law Committee
Media Law Committee
Mediation Committee
Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee
Mining Law Committee
Negligence and Damages Committee
North American Regional Forum
Oil and Gas Law Committee
Outsourcing and Managed Services Subcommittee
Patent Law Subcommittee
Platforms, E-commerce & Social Media Subcommittee
Poverty and Social Development Committee
Power Law Committee
President Priority
Presidential Task Force Against Human Trafficking
Presidential Task Force on Climate Change Justice and Human Rights
Private Client Tax Committee
Private Equity Subcommittee
Private Investment Funds Subcommittee
Pro Bono Committee
Product Law and Advertising Committee
Professional Ethics Committee
Project Establishment Subcommittee
Project Execution Subcommittee
Project Finance Subcommittee
Public Company Practice and Regulation Subcommittee
Public Law Section
Public and Professional Interest Division
Real Estate Section
Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Subcommittee
Regional Coordinators Subcommittee
Regional Developments Subcommittee
Regional Fora
Regional Fora
Regional Fora Coordination Committee
Regulation of Lawyers Committee
Regulation of Market, Participants, Brokers, Banks and Exchanges Subcommittee
Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee
Reorganisation and Workouts Subcommittee
Rule of Law Forum
Section on Public and Professional Interest
Securities Law Committee
Senior Lawyers' Committee
Servicing Industry Subcommittee
Space Law Committee
Sports Law Subcommittee
State Mediation Subcommittee
Supply Chain and Logistics Subcommittee
Taxation Section
Taxes Committee
Technology Disputes Subcommittee
Technology Law Committee
Trademark Law Subcommittee
Underwriting and Distribution Subcommittee
United Kingdom Energy Lawyers Group
War Crimes Committee
Water Law Committee
Women Lawyers' Committee
Young Lawyers' Committee
Young Litigators Forum
Young Mediators Subcommittee