IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Flamingo Park Memorial Football Stadium

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IBA football match
Flamingo Park Memorial Football Stadium


The annual IBA ‘World Cup’ football match has become a bit of an institution. Anxieties regarding health and fitness related issues have mostly proved unfounded - the success of the event/mini tournament is a testament to the commitment, languages, enthusiasm, endeavours and differing playing styles of those who have in recent years graced the stadia of Buenos Aires, Madrid, Dublin, Vienna, Washington, Sydney, and Seoul. Pretty it may not be and careers as professional footballers a complete historical fantasy, but our annual event generates huge interest, passion and most importantly friendship between all the players and many spectators who come to cheer us on. The venue will be confirmed shortly but kick off will be between 1600 and 1630.  As before, we ask that all players ensure that they register with the IBA during the Annual Conference week, the cost will be $150. Please register your interest in playing prior to (or during) the Annual Conference week by emailing Keith Oliver or Leonie Stevens (keoliver@petersandpeters.com/ lstevens@petersandpeters.com).