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Space Law Committee

The Space Law Committee provides a forum for outer space lawyers to address the increasing number of practical legal issues arising in commercial and regulatory activities in this specialised area of domestic and international law.

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Brazilian liftoff: new space regulation and its impact on licensing and launching in Brazil

This article describes recent changes to the Brazilian normative framework regarding the development of space activities in the country, especially concerning legal standards on the operator’s licensing process and the launch authorisation in Brazilian territory.

Released on Dec 13, 2021

Aerospace exploration in Brazil: the Alcântara Space Center

This article explores recent measures adopted by Brazil to promote aerospace exploration through its launch base located in Alcântara. It also highlights the importance of the executed agreements to the development of Brazil’s air space programme.

Following the technology: questions relevant to the future regulation of space activities

The development of space-related technology has given rise to many new and exciting possibilities. It also raises a number of significant challenges for the ongoing governance of the exploration and use of outer space and, in particular, humankind’s interaction with, and dependency on space-related technology. This article highlights some of the major challenges and sets out important questions that must be considered in developing appropriate legal, regulatory and policy frameworks for future space activi