Public Law Section

The purpose of the Public Law Committee is to promote an interchange of information and views, and to advance knowledge on laws, practices and procedures affecting all activities concerning the state or the res communis worldwide.

About the Section

The Public Law Section provides a worldwide forum where all topics of public law are discussed and ideas are exchanged and developed.

Section membership is active worldwide in furthering the debate relating to governmental policy and the implementation and regulation of administrative action. In doing this, the committee makes a respected contribution to issues in the fields of judicial review and constitutional law.

The section considers the position of citizens and businesses that are confronted with the administrative acts of governmental authorities. Thesection strives to examine future trends in this area, anticipate new issues and examine new relationships between governments and the private sector.

The format of the debate at the IBA Annual Conference enables participants to discuss topics such as the principles of fairness and proper administration, the necessity and feasibility of deregulation and restructuring of governmental bodies and organisations.

An ongoing theme is how the civil law and common law systems compare when dealing with these issues. This area is growing in importance as the activities of the state continue to increase.

By its very nature, the section draws on lawyers who may come from different areas of practice, but whose work involves administrative law issues, whether in a litigation context or not.

The section continues to seek to expand its horizons by exploring both traditional and non-traditional aspects of administrative law. For example, various aspects of the functioning of government administration are discussed. It is important that lawyers understand and contribute to the proper functioning of the administrative branches of government. 

Section officers welcome suggestions from existing and new members for topics at future conferences and perhaps at specialist conferences. In particular, the section would like to hear from any members wishing to present papers on their special area of interest. The section also recognises the need for close contact with business law practitioners, in particular to help promote the importance of administrative law to industries that were formerly regulated.

This intra-IBA focus of the section will improve relations and co-operation with business lawyers, while at the same time continue close co-operation with government lawyers.

The section is ready to enter into the IBA's new era. It is prepared and full of ideas and plans. We have a burning interest in international legal developments and delight in the interesting differences between the various systems.

Comparative law is still 'l'école de vérité' and again there is no better place for this than the Public Law Section!

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Subcommittees and other groups

The Public Law Section also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

  • International Organisations Subcommittee