IBA Foundation

  • An inaugural 2016 update has been created in order to recognise and support the Foundation’s outreach efforts. Foundation Members: click here to download.

  • Launched with funding from the International Bar Association Foundation in 2010, Lex:lead (www.lex-lead.org) runs an annual essay competition on topics of law and development open to students in the world's approximately 50 least developed countries. The Foundation made further grants to Lex:lead in 2012 and 2016. With the majority published either through the International Bar Association African Regional Forum or the American Bar Association Section of International Law (Africa Committee), Lex:lead's winning essays 2010–2017 are reprinted here.

Welcome from the President

Welcome to the homepage of the International Bar Association Foundation. The International Bar Association Foundation is a US-based charitable foundation, established in 1986 by members of the International Bar Association (IBA) to engage in educational and charitable activities related to advancing the rule of law.

While the foundation was created by members of the International Bar Association, and works closely with the IBA and other organisations affiliated with the IBA, it is an independent entity whose mandate permits it to support a broad range of law-related undertakings.

In the material that follows, you will find information about the foundation, its mission, its officers and trustees, and some of the activities it has recently funded. For those seeking a grant from the foundation, we have set out detailed guidelines to inform you of our funding criteria and to assist you in that process.

For others, we hope to present a picture of the foundation that will encourage an interest in its work. For some, that interest may be expressed by financial support. We greatly appreciate all donations; the foundation’s only regular source of support is the contributions of individuals.

Donate to the IBA Foundation

We hope you will also want to become involved in the foundation’s activities in other ways – by providing suggestions and ideas and by identifying other organisations with which the foundation might work. We welcome your interest, your ideas – and your energy. If you believe you have something to offer, let us hear from you.