Climate Change Model Statute

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Model Statute for Proceedings Challenging Government Failure to Act on Climate Change

An International Bar Association Climate Change Justice and Human Rights Task Force Report


Addressing global climate change requires many solutions. Recent citizen climate litigation has led to judges in some countries requiring governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or take other steps to protect communities from climate impacts. Unfortunately, in many jurisdictions there are legal obstacles preventing citizens from even getting through the courthouse door. Judges are also experiencing difficulties adapting existing judicial procedures to remedy government climate inaction.

This new Model Statute would lower such hurdles. Building on recent successes and judicial reasoning, it highlights the role of litigation in setting requirements for governments to protect the public. With the advice of leading experts, the Model Statute provides detailed rationales, precedents and 23 specific Articles for reforms. The adoption of some or all of the Model Statute by judges, rules of court or policy-makers will help ensure a critical and timely reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in pursuit of climate justice..

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Model Statute for Proceedings Challenging Government Failure to Act on Climate Change

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If you have information about any new cases, changes in court or tribunal procedures where climate issues are involved, or anything else you think may be relevant for readers of the Model Statute to be aware of, please send a link to the document or a scanned copy electronically to the current Co-Chairs of the Expert Working Group that guided development of the Model Statute: