LPD Showcase: the role of corporate and government leadership in managing cyber risks

Monday 25 October 2021

This LPD Showcase session will provide profound insight on the work of the Presidential Task Force of the IBA on Cyber Risks, where global experts (legal and non-legal) are working together to present a new, global cyber strategy combining industry (and government) action that addresses the following:

  • National level government regulation that goes beyond data privacy rights to require companies to implement flexible, risk-based cybersecurity standards through a governance approach rather than prescriptive requirements;
  • International level cooperation that extends these standards among multinational organizations and like-minded, rule-of-law based countries, recognizing that cybersecurity threats are almost always cross-border in nature;
  • Company level standards that reflect best practices for a holistic, cross-functional cybersecurity program and a new mindset for senior management and board leadership of strong governance and accountability throughout the organization; and
  • Civil level awareness and training regarding liability standards for senior management and boards of directors in protecting against cyber risks.