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The International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) works with the global legal community to promote and protect human rights and the independence of the legal profession worldwide. Find out more about the IBAHRI in this short film focusing on selected projects from the 200+ undertaken across 70 jurisdictions since the IBAHRI was set up in 1995. The film combines project footage, photos and infographics with interviews with IBAHRI representatives and those who have benefited from its work.

Torture Prevention in Mexico: Building the capacity of the legal profession

For four years IBAHRI has been working with the Mexican legal profession on capacity building for torture prevention. In this short film, we hear from some of Mexico's legal professionals as they discuss their responsibility in the prevention and prosecution of torture.

The video explains the challenges that Mexico faces and how IBAHRI has been working with the country’s legal profession to break the cycle of impunity and ensure justice for Mexican victims of torture. Watch


Myanmar: The long road to reform

IBAHRI presents the film 'Myanmar: the long road to reform'. Following decades of brutal military dictatorship, many hope that Myanmar is on the path to reform. However, while there are opportunities for change, significant challenges remain regarding the rule of law, foreign investment and development.

This film features insight from many of those involved with reforms and development in Myanmar, including Aung San Suu Kyi. Watch


Azerbaijan: Freedom of Expression on Trial

In a report entitled 'Azerbaijan: Freedom of Expression on Trial', released in May 2014, the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) urged the Azerbaijani Government to uphold fair trial rights in freedom of expression cases. This short film gives a summary of the report, its findings and recommendations, and includes contributions from the delegates who visited Azerbaijan on the fact-finding mission of December 2013. (8:57) Watch

Egypt: Separating Law and Politics

A 2014 International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) report, 'Separating Law and Politics - Challenges to the Independence of Judges and Prosecutors in Egypt', has urged the future Egyptian government to take action to promote the independence of the judiciary and prosecution services, in order to strengthen the rule of law in Egypt. More information/download IBAHRI report. This short film gives the background to the report, discusses some of the findings and shares selected recommendations. Watch

The Criminal Trial of Venezuelan Lawyer José Amalio Graterol

In June 2012, José Amalio Graterol  was arrested and convicted for 'obstruction of justice' when he refused to continue with the trial in the absence of his client, as trials in absentia were not permitted under Venezuelan criminal law. The IBAHRI is the only international organisation to send trial observers to Graterol's hearings. Watch

Sri Lanka facing constitutional crisis concludes IBAHRI report

In March 2013 the IBAHRI conducted a remote fact-finding mission to investigate the impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Bandaranayake and the rule of law in Sri Lanka. This film summarises the situation in Sri Lanka and gives some background to the report before discussing its findings and recommendations. 

'Green Municipalities' - IBAHRI/Innovare Institute 2012 Special Prize for Justice
and Sustainability
This 3 minute video introduces the 'Green Municipalities' environmental project that won the IBAHRI/Innovare Institute 2012 special category prize for justice and sustainability. Run by State Prosecutor Daniel Avelino, the project has already reduced deforestation in the Amazon state of Para by 90%. The IBAHRI is working to showcase this innovative Brazilian project to a wider international audience. Watch

The first Regional Congress about the Death Penalty, Morocco
In October 2012, the IBAHRI participated in the first Regional Congress About the Death Penalty, in Rabat, Morocco,  organised by Ensemble Contre la Peine deMort (ECPM). This short-film captures footage from the IBAHRI legal seminar, as part of the Congress, and includes interviews with former death-row prisoner Ahmed Haou, as well as Congress speakers and organisers. Watch film / read more about the Congress

The Forgotten: FEBEM, Young Offenders and Human Rights Violations in Brazil
'FEBEM' is a former young offenders’ prison in São Paulo. In the 1990s, it witnessed violent rebellions caused by institutionalised torture and ill-treatment. This film explains how the legal profession and civil society came together to address these issues.
 Watch the film

In the Dock: Defence Rights at the ICC, May 2011  
In the Dock: Defence Rights at the ICC is a 27-minute educational film that covers a number of subjects including the presumption of innocence, fair trial guarantees and the right to counsel. Read more on fair trial and defence issues at the ICC / Click here to watch a 15 minute version of this film

Terrorism and International Law: Accountability, Remedies and Reform
This 4 minute clip includes highlights from the IBA high-level panel discussion on the main topics of the IBA Task Force on Terrorism 2011 Report. View film

Panel discussions

The 30th Anniversary of the Bangalore Principles on the Domestic Application of International Human Rights Norms

This one-day conference on 20 November 2018, held at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, marked the 30th anniversary of the Bangalore Principles on the Judicial Application of International Human Rights Law. The event provided an opportunity to hear leading experts, including some of those who participated in the 1988 colloquium, reflect on the legacy of the Bangalore Principles as well as the domestication of international human rights law more broadly. 

Watch all the sessions from this event here

Panel discussion - Protecting Brazilians from Torture, 13 October 2014
On Monday 13 October 2014, the IBAHRI launched the English language version of a leading torture prevention manual for legal professionals in Brazil at a high level panel event in London. The event, co-hosted by the IBAHRI, Matrix Chambers and Lex Anglo-Brasil, aimed to bring Brazil’s experiences to a wider international audience and promote global exchange and dialogue in justice reform. Watch the film of the event and find out more here

A Crisis of Legitimacy: The Rule of Law in Sri Lanka

On 22 April 2013 the IBAHRI launched its rapid response mission report on the rule of law in Sri Lanka. The mission was conducted remotely after the Sri Lankan authorities refused the IBAHRI delegation visas to enter the country. The panel comprised members of the IBAHRI delegation and a representative from the Sri Lankan Bar Association, discussing the findings and recommendations of the report. Watch film

Rule of Law in Myanmar: Challenges and Prospects

On Thursday 17 January 2013 the IBAHRI launched its latest fact-finding report The Rule of Law in Myanmar: Challenges and Prospects, at the Law Society of England and Wales. Moderated by BBC World Service presenter Owen Bennett-Jones, the expert panel discussed the opportunities and obstacles for reform in Myanmar (Burma). Watch film


Peace after terror: rules or reconciliation 

Monday 1 October 2012, during the IBA Annual Conference, Dublin, the IBAHRI held its showcase session on reconciliation mechanisms and transitional justice, with a keynote address from the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness. Watch film / View all filmed content from the IBA Annual Conference 2012


Representing justice: the role of lawyers in establishing international criminal courts and safeguarding their legacy


On 31 May 2012, as part of the IBA’s 7th Annual Bar Leaders Conference, the IBA International Criminal Court (ICC) Programme hosted a high-level panel discussion on the role of lawyers in establishing international criminal courts and safeguarding their legacy. Watch film


Justice at a Crossroads: The Legal Profession and the Rule of Law in the New Egypt


On Monday 28 Novmber 2011, the first day of the parliamentary elections in Egypt, the IBAHRI held an expert panel discussion on the legal professio nand the rule of law in the New Egypt. Panellists spoke of what progress has been made to strengthen the rule of law since Egypt's revolution and looked ahead to consider key priorities for human rights reform for the new Parliament. Read more on this event


The status of capital punishment under international law 


The use of capital punishment is one of the most controversial topics in international human rights law. Following the IBAHRI Session in Dubai, chaired by Sternford Moyo, IBA Senior Reporter Rebecca Lowe moderated a lively discussion with panelists and session partcipants. Thematic issues such as international practice and norms were discussed. Law enforcement views on the death penalty were among other issues discussed. View film / Read more about the IBAHRI in Dubai



The right to a fair trial: current status and global challenges to imple-
mentation and the case of the 'UAE 5' November 2011


Drawing on her extensive international experience as UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Gabriela Knaul speaks at the IBAHRI Session in Duabi, during the Rule of Law Symposium. IBAHRI Co-Director Phillip Tahmindjis discussed the ‘UAE 5' case and its implications for freedom of expression and the independence of the legal profession. A lively discussion ensued. View film / Read more about the IBAHRI in Dubai


Human Rights Lawyers and Defenders in Syria: a Watershed for the Rule of Law, July 2011


On Thursday 28 July 2011, the IBAHRI launched its fact-finding report on Syria, with a discussion on the main findings and conclusions of the report. The panel comprised IBAHRI Co-Director and Mission delegate, Phillip Tahmindjis; Mission delegates, Sadakat Kadri and Michael Lynn; and Dr Abdel Salam Sidahmed, Mission rapporteur. View film


Terrorism and International Law: Accountability, Remedies and Reform, March 2011


On 23 March 2011, the IBAHRI and the Open Society Justice Initiative co-hosted an expert panel discussion on terrorism, counter-terrorism and international law, marking the release of the Report by the IBA Task Force on Terrorism, chaired by Richard goldstone. View film

The death penalty in the USA, October 2010


The IBAHRI and the BBP Law School's Human Rights Unit hosted a roundtable discussion on the legal challenges of abolishing the death penalty in the United States. Human rights consultant Piers Bannister chaired the panel, comprising Reprieve attorney Sophie Walker, Oxford University Reader in Criminology Dr Carolyn Hoyle and Mumia Abu-Jamal's lead counsel Robert Bryan. View film



Kenya's draft constitution and election violence, April 2010


The IBAHRI and the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) presented an open discussion on Kenya’s new draft constitution and whether it could help prevent further election related violence and strengthen democracy. This followed an IBAHRI and ILAC report assessing the needs of Kenya's justice system. View film



IBA ICC roundtable discussion in preparation for the Rome Statute Review Conference, January 2010

The IBA ICC Programme hosted a high-level roundtable discussion in January 2010 at The Hague’s Peace Palace, to prepare for the Review Conference for the Rome Statute in June 2010. Panellists included US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues, Stephen Rapp, and former ICC President Philippe Kirsch. View film




Rohullah Qarizada, President, Afghanistan Independent Bar Association
Rohullah Qarizada, President of the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA), discusses the past, present and future of the AIBA, and the IBAHRI's involvement in its development. The AIBA was formed in 2008 with assistance from the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute, supported by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the International Legal Assistance Consortium. Watch film / read more about IBAHRI's work in Afghanistan


A conversation with Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, October 2012


On Wednesday the IBA presented a live lunchtime interview with Juan E Méndez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment . Moderated by Todd Benjamin Award-winning former CNN news anchor, Juan Mendez, former co-chair of the IBAHRI, spoke about his lifetime work in the field of human rights as well as his most recent contribution as UN Special Rapporteur. Watch interview / View all filmed content from the IBA Annual Conference 2012


Interview with Baoness Helena Kennedy QC, October 2012


The IBA interviewed the IBAHRI Co-Chair, Baroness Kennedy during the IBA Annual Conference in Dublin 2012. Watch interview / View all filmed content from the IBA Annual Conference 2012



Interview with Haitham Al-Maleh, Syrian lawyer and human rights activist, November 2011


The IBA interviews leading Syrian political activist and former judge Haitham al-Maleh, who founded the Syrian Human Rights Association in 2001 and has been arrested several times for speaking out against the government. In 2009, Maleh was convicted of spreading false and malicious information that would ‘affect the morale of the nation’, and spent 18 months in prison. He has since left the country and now travels around the world speaking out against abuses of the al-Assad regime. Watch interview


Interview with Juan Mendez, UN special Rapporteur on Torture


Juan Mendez, UN special Rapporteur on Torture and IBAHRI Co-Chair, speaks to the IBA, during the IBA Annaul conference in Dubai, following the publication of the IBAHRI manual on combatting torture in Brazil, October 2011. Watch interview


Interview with Carlos Ayala, Former Presdent of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, July 2011


Carlos Ayala speaks to the IBA about the case of Judge Maria Afiuni, arrested in December 2009 in Venezuela for freeing a banker facing corruption charges, in line with domestic and international law, and still held under house arrest at the time of this interview.  Watch interview


IBA interviews from the IBAHRI / TWC parliamentary Strengthening workshop, March 2011


The IBAHRI and The Westminster Consortium for Parliaments and Democracy (TWC)  held a two-day workshop on human rights and the role of parliaments, as part of their joint initiative on parliamentary strengthening.

During the course of the workshop the IBA interviewed many top parliamentarians and other attendees from around the world about challenges facing their respective countries. Below we present a selection of clips from these interviews. Watch interviews



Interview with Mark Stephens, lawyer for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, February 2010


Leading media lawyer Mark Stephens, who represents WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, speaks to the IBA about the legal challenges surrounding the groundbreaking whistleblowing website and the sexual assault allegations made against his client in Sweden. View film

Mark Stephens


Interview with Fu Hualing, top academic at Hong Kong University's Faculty of Law, November 2010 


Professor Fu Hualing, a top academic from the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Law, speaks to Rebecca Lowe about the struggle for constitutional reform, human rights and freedom of expression in China. View film

Fu Hualing


Interview with Mo shaoping, lawyer to imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo, November 2010 


Mo Shaoping, lawyer to imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo, speaks exclusively to the IBA by weblink from Beijing. He was taking part in an IBAHRI panel discussion on  the independence of lawyers in China only hours after being prevented from travelling to the UK by Chinese state officials. View film

Chinese flag


Interview with Clive Stafford Smith, Civil lawyer and death penalty activist October 2010


Civil rights lawyer and abolition of the death penalty activist Clive Stafford Smith, recipient of the IBA Human Rights Award 2010, gave an interview to the IBA on subjects including Guantanamo Bay and the death penalty. View film


Clive Stafford Smith


Interview with Sternford Moyo, Former President of the Law Society of Zimbabwe


Sternford Moyo, former President of the Law Society of Zimbabwe and current Co-Chair of the IBAHRI, speaks to Rebecca Lowe about corruption and the struggle for human rights in a country torn by political violence. View film


Sternford Moyo


Interview with human rights lawyer, Anrew Makoni, October 2010


Human rights lawyer Andrew Makoni, forced to flee Zimbabwe in 2008, speaks about the difficulty of upholding the rule of law in a country beset by corruption. View film


Andrew Makoni


Interview with Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, October 2010


Juan Mendez, Co-Chair of the IBAHRI and United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, speaks to Rebecca Lowe about the international legal struggle to prevent terrorism, torture and genocide. View film

Juan Mendez

Webcast interview with Judge Thomas Buergenthal, July 2010

Judge Buergenthal is currently serving at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. His extraordinary life story, including incarceration as a child in Auschwitz, and his contributions to international law, made him a compelling choice for interview. In addition to his childhood experiences, he also discussed issues such as Kosovo and the West Bank Barrier. View webcast


Thomas Buergenthal


Interview with Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsangirai, October 2009


The IBA conducted an exclusive, in-depth interview with the Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai at the Annual Conference 2009, encompassing the power-sharing agreement with Robert Mugabe, the struggle to secure the rule of law, protecting the legal profession and engaging with the international community. View film


Morgan Tsvangirai