IBA Global Insight - February/March 2018

Comment and analysis

Politicians should not pick judges, and nor should judges

IBA Global Insight February/March 2018 - Despite their power and importance, there’s no global gold standard for how judges are chosen. A strong case can be made that, now more than ever, we need a new international norm where judges are chosen independently and on merit.

Fights over internet rights

IBA Global Insight February/March 2018 - Basic practices and fundamental rights have long been taken for granted by internet users worldwide. However, the recent US decision to roll back key ‘net neutrality’ legislation puts them in danger – is it time for a digital constitution?

ICOs - a crypto conundrum

IBA Global Insight February/March 2018 - Regulators are grappling with initial coin offerings (ICOs), the latest cryptocurrency trend. China and South Korea have banned them, but elsewhere the focus is on whether they can be treated like securities, and how best to protect investors.

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