IBA Global Insight - June/July 2018

Comment and analysis

Cracking America’s gun control conundrum

IBA Global Insight, June/July 2018 - Recent events have presented reformers with a remarkable moment of opportunity. But overhauling a deep-seated gun culture and gun-friendly legal regime remains a considerable challenge.

Brexit’s ‘red lines’ cross Northern Ireland’s border

IBA Global Insight, June/July 2018 - The UK is set to break from the European Union, pursuing free trade with the rest of the world. But the prospect of re-introducing Ireland’s hard border presents major challenges.

Spotify the difference

IBA Global Insight June/July 2018 - The Swedish music streaming business garnered widespread attention for its novel stock market listing, but to achieve long-term success, it will need to overcome an over-reliance on royalties.

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