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Mental wellness of lawyers in Nigeria
Nigeria is evolving as a result of having more investment and new businesses and becoming more commercialized in terms of infrastructural development. Lawyers play a major role in most transactions in the society; hence more deliverables are expected from lawyers.

IBA Professional Wellbeing Commission Webinar Series

Session 1: What is wellbeing and why is everyone talking about it?

Session 2: The unconscious at work – exploring the hidden factors driving the wellbeing crisis in the legal workplace

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Session 3: How to communicate impactfully about wellbeing in your workplace and create lasting change

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Session 4: What are the key elements to develop a positive workplace culture in law?

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Session 5: The regulators are watching you! – Understanding the risks of not taking action

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Session 6: What next? Practical steps to creating a wellbeing strategy in your firm

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Wellbeing Surveys: Main Findings