IBA Professional Wellbeing Commission Webinar Series: How to communicate impactfully about wellbeing in your workplace and create lasting change

20 Jun 2023 0900 - 1000 BST

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Session three in a webinar series presented by the IBA European Regional Forum and the IBA Professional Wellbeing Commission

The conversation about wellbeing in the legal workplace is changing. The focus is no longer simply on supporting individuals experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression. Today, there is a much broader focus on prevention and protecting and promoting wellbeing within the profession. This recognises everyone's right to work in a safe and supportive environment.

One critical aspect in achieving these broader aims is the way organisations communicate. What are the conversations within the organisation that need to be facilitated? The traditional top-down hierarchical approach cannot on its own allow and encourage the necessary levels of interaction. Instead, the process needs a commitment to clear and regular communications and more effective non-hierarchical consultations. Performance indicators need to be monitored and evaluated involving safe and confidential feedback. Wellbeing strategies need to be co-created within individual practice groups, dealing with sensitive issues such as work allocation and flexible working.

This session will look at the changing face of wellbeing within the legal workplace and the critical role of communication in facilitating the relevant conversations both at a group and individual level.

Information on the speakers for this session:

Chris works to promote greater awareness of wellbeing in the legal workplace. He brings his experience as an ex-City lawyer as well as many years of study and practice of different aspects of wellbeing. He seeks to reconcile the practical realities of a high intensity workplace with the need to promote a safe and supportive work environment. Increasingly, his focus is on the practices and policies and new ways of working needed to promote and support wellbeing in the workplace both at a group and individual level. Chris is a member of the Professional Wellbeing Commission of the IBA and the Immediate Past Co-Chair of the European Regional Forum.

Emma is a legal academic at the University of Sheffield. Prior to entering academia she was a solicitor in private practice, specialising in construction law. She conducts both theoretical and empirical work on wellbeing and emotions in legal education and the legal profession and has authored a range of articles and books on these topics. She seeks to promote evidence-based sustainable change and developments in the legal workplace, including leading on the creation of the Fit for Law materials (www.fitforlaw.org.uk) with the charity LawCare. She is a member of the Professional Wellbeing Commission of the IBA and is currently leading on the development of international guidelines on mental wellbeing in legal education.

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Confirmed speakers
Emma Jones

The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England

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Christopher Owen

, London, England; Member, European Regional Forum Advisory Board

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