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IBA comments on the International Criminal Court Legal Aid Scheme (June 2017)

The International Bar Association (IBA) is committed to supporting the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC or Court).

Towards an ICC Association of Counsel (An IBA discussion paper), November 2015

The IBA hopes that this paper will stimulate dialogue by presenting some ideas and identifying some key issues of principle drawn from IBA experience and observations of international criminal courts.

IBA's Legal Opinion on the Proposed Amendment to Rule 68

IBA's Legal Opinion on the proposed amendment to Rule 68 of the ICC's Rules of Procedure and Evidence, prepared by IBA ICC Programme Manager Clair Duffy and circulated during the Assembly of States Parties' 12th session in November 2013.

Including the Defence Perspective in the Review Conference

IBA Position Paper for the resumed session of the eighth Assembly of States Parties and the 2010 International Criminal Court Review Conference, March 2010.

Address to the plenary on cooperation during the 14th session of the ICC's Assembly of States Parties

ICC & ICL Programme Director, Aurelie Roche-Mair, urges States to honour their pledges to conclude framework agreements.

IBA presents at the EU Council Working Group on Public International Law (COJUR) in Brussels

IBA presentations to COJUR, 12 October 2015,
2 June 2014, 25 September 2013, 4 June 2013, and 5 March 2013.

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