The fragmentation of the West - William Hague

Thursday 14 June 2018
William Hague

The threats facing Western unity and democracy worldwide are nearing crisis point, says former Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Speaking exclusively to IBA Global Insight, Lord Hague describes the fragmentation of the West as ‘the most alarming single fact about world affairs at the moment’.

Offering a candid assessment of the state of the world today, he considers:

  • business in an era of heightened risk;
  • the remarkable economic growth of China;
  • the impact of Brexit and the uncertain future of Europe;
  • the Trump Presidency, including the United States pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and thawing relations with North Korea;
  • the challenges presented by President Putin's Russia; and
  • developments across the Middle East, from the Syria crisis to the controversial decision by the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Lord Hague served as United Kingdom Foreign Secretary from 2010 to 2014 – a period that took in historic moments, including the announcement of the Brexit referendum and Parliament's vote against intervention in Syria.