Construction Law International - September 2020




Construction Law International is the magazine of the IBA International Construction Projects Committee.

Launched in March 2006 and published quarterly, Construction Law International is a thought-provoking magazine with a balance of substantive and practical articles and news that anyone involved in the international construction industry will wish to receive.

In addition to feature articles, each issue includes latest updates from around the world, case updates and regular columns from experts across the globe. Construction Law International is sent to all members of the International Construction Projects Committee as part of their membership package. Back issues are available online.

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Covid-19 and FIDIC contracts: protections and entitlements 

Joanne Clarke


A catalyst for change?

Shona Frame


Is it safe for construction sites to stay open? 

Wala Al-Daraji


Productivity claims: why you won’t win on data alone 

Julia Villalobos


Recovering from lockdown: the pitfalls of acceleration

Sena Gbedemah


Health and safety measures affecting construction contracts in Germany and Uganda

Adrian Neville Akol and Albert Mukasa


The epidemic as a force majeure event in civil law jurisdictions 

Ralf Leinemann, Tomasz Darowski, and Josef Hlavicka


The Egyptian construction industry during Covid-19 

EmadAldin Abdelrahman


Should the law foresee the unforeseeable? The unforeseeable trends in Chile 

Elina Mereminskaya and Alvaro Jara Burotto


The impact of Covid-19 on the South Korean construction industry

Mino Han and Célia Guignet


Force majeure, frustration and hardship under Japanese law 

Kazuma Higuchi







What can construction contracting learn from Covid-19?