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Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

About the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

Published quarterly, the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (JERL) is the journal of the IBA’s Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law.

JERL was launched in January 1983, under the editorship of Professor Terence Daintith, now a Professional Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London.

The Journal's current Editor is Professor Don C Smith (pictured), Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Program at the University of Denver (US) Sturm College of Law where he teaches Comparative Environmental Law and Contemporary Issues in Oil and Gas. He is assisted by the Journal Board and Editorial Advisory Committee, comprised of members of the Academic Advisory Group (AAG) of IBA SEERIL. Together, they bring to the journal an unsurpassed expertise in all areas of energy and natural resources law.

Featuring contributions written by some of the finest academic minds and most successful practitioners in this area of study, JERL is a highly respected journal committed to reflecting contemporary issues that face the energy and natural resources sectors.


Editor, Don Smith

Latest Issue - Vol 39 No 3, August 2021

Energy experts have said that US grid operators and electric utilities are ‘typically further ahead in preparing for cyberattacks than the oil and gas industry, in part because federal regulators have long required cybersecurity standards for the backbone of the nation’s power grid’.

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Part 1 discusses the idea of intergenerational equity developed in a resources context and why it consists of broad concepts, as well as examining leading commentary.

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Part 2 of this article assesses the United Kingdom's offshore petroleum licensing regime for its treatment of the interests of future generations using the methodology developed in Part 1.

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The electricity regulatory framework in Bangladesh is in the process of reforms since its inception. The salient features of the reforms include converting the electricity sector from public service to private service, shifting bureaucratic governance to corporate governance, reducing command and control regulation and establishing a regulatory commission.

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The judicial interpretation of the Associated Gas Re-injection Act (Nigeria) with regard to the legality of tax deductions, which are based on the payment of gas flaring fees or penalties, illustrates some of the inconsistencies between the legality of tax action under the literal terms of the statute and the purpose of the statute to achieve a desired ethical environmental conduct.

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Over the last three years, corporate interest in voluntary carbon markets has almost tripled, and this trend has seemed to resist the COVID-19 economic fallout. If managed well, this market has the potential to become a very significant driver of mitigation action, in particular in developing countries, which supply the majority of voluntary carbon offsets.

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Reflecting the current debate, discussing (a claimed) ‘immaturity’ of energy law, this commentary argues that energy law is obviously composed of several (sub)disciplines which are in various stages of development and different degrees of academic recognition.

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