Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

About the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

Published quarterly, the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (JERL) is the journal of the IBA’s Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law.

JERL was launched in January 1983, under the editorship of Professor Terence Daintith, now a Professional Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London.

The Journal's current Editor is Professor Don C Smith (pictured), Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Program at the University of Denver (US) Sturm College of Law where he teaches Comparative Environmental Law and Contemporary Issues in Oil and Gas. He is assisted by the Journal Board and Editorial Advisory Committee, comprised of members of the Academic Advisory Group (AAG) of IBA SEERIL. Together, they bring to the journal an unsurpassed expertise in all areas of energy and natural resources law.

Featuring contributions written by some of the finest academic minds and most successful practitioners in this area of study, JERL is a highly respected journal committed to reflecting contemporary issues that face the energy and natural resources sectors.


Editor, Don Smith

Latest Issue - Vol 40 No 2, May 2022

There is only one word to describe subjecting a civilian nuclear power plant to a military assault: reprehensible.

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There are no recovery plans in Latin America to face the economic consequences of COVID-19. The European Union passed a Recovery Plan for Europe which will reactivate the European economy in a modern and sustainable manner.

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Bolivia is the largest world lithium reserve with brines for extraction at salt lakes, the main one being Uyuni. Policies for development were reactivated by 1997 with periodically revised plans. Specific projects have been implemented since 2007, including pilot plants and experimental exports.

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This article considers international arbitration as a potential forum to adjudicate climate change claims, in the form of commercial and investment arbitrations, the latter sustained by the rise of so-called ‘green’ investment treaties.

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The North Indian states of Punjab and Haryana (P&H) are a part of the water-rich Indo-Gangetic river basin. Despite this abundance, both states are on the cusp of a severe water crisis due to groundwater over-extraction. The proliferation of tubewells to support irrigation is responsible for more than 90 per cent of the groundwater extraction in both states.

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Coal dominates China’s energy consumption and causes significant air pollution and carbon emissions. By examining recent policy imperatives of coal sector restructuring, this article unpacks the contradictory policy goals on cutting coal production capacity and mitigating climate change, as well as the challenges to reducing coal consumption.

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The subject of climate risk and our financial markets, and environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) more broadly, is top of mind in board rooms and c-suites around the globe. Increasingly, boards of directors are called upon to navigate the challenges presented by climate change, racial injustice, economic inequality and numerous other issues that are fundamental to the success and sustainability of companies, financial markets and our economy.

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