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Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (JERL)

Wednesday 2 August 2023
Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

About the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law

Published quarterly, the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (JERL) is the journal of the IBA’s Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law.

JERL was launched in January 1983, under the editorship of Professor Terence Daintith, now a Professional Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London.

The Journal's current Editor is Professor Don C Smith (pictured), Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Program at the University of Denver (US) Sturm College of Law where he teaches Comparative Environmental Law and Contemporary Issues in Oil and Gas. He is assisted by the Journal Board and Editorial Advisory Committee, comprised of members of the Academic Advisory Group (AAG) of IBA SEERIL. Together, they bring to the journal an unsurpassed expertise in all areas of energy and natural resources law.

Featuring contributions written by some of the finest academic minds and most successful practitioners in this area of study, JERL is a highly respected journal committed to reflecting contemporary issues that face the energy and natural resources sectors.


Editor, Don Smith

JERL Podcast

The Journal has an accompanying podcast, which you can listen to here. In this podcast series, Don C Smith, the Editor of the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law, interviews preeminent global experts in the field. The first episode is an interview with Iñigo del Guayo, Professor of administrative law at the University of Almeria, Spain.

The Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (JERL) has been accepted into Clarivate's Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), which tracks the most influential journals in their respective fields. In June, JERL recieved its first impact factor of 1.800 after being accepted into the SSCI. JERL is ranked 49th out of 154 journals in the 'Law' category and 110th out of 127 journals in the 'Environmental Studies' category.

Latest Issue - Vol 41 No 3 (August 2023)

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) appears to be ‘unstoppable’, according to a recent article in The Economist.Footnote1 Moreover, BloombergNEF is forecasting that sales of EVs may skyrocket to 40 per cent of all purchases in 2030 from today’s 10 per cent.Footnote2 To meet that audacious number will require tens of millions of batteries that will in turn require enormous quantities of critical minerals.

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The relationship between the owner of resources and the operator is identified as a core concept in natural resources law, giving the field conceptual cohesion. Owners commonly allocate rights to operator companies rather than developing the resources themselves. The main reasons appear to be access to expertise and risk management.

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This article examines the challenges faced by Norway in implementing intergenerational equity in its offshore petroleum licensing regime. Norway has been considered by many to be a leader in the regulation of its offshore petroleum, with an emphasis on state control and encouraging a prudent approach by operators, but also emphasising rational and efficient solutions.

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‘Microgrid’ is a broad concept that is not determined by a single technical definition. This fact is reflected in the academic literature, which agrees that there is no universal definition of microgrids. While this broad understanding might be beneficial for allowing a broad variety of microgrids, from a legal perspective the absence of a common understanding constitutes a barrier to the development of microgrids.

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China has restated its goal to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, and the newly launched national emissions trading system (ETS) of 2021 is expected to play a leading role in achieving it. By examining the core design elements of the ETS, this study analyses the legal impediments that may prevent the ETS from achieving China's climate goal.

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The war in Ukraine has challenged the nuclear safety of Ukraine, Europe and the world. This article examines the problems of nuclear safety in Ukraine and outlines some solutions to this ongoing crisis, as well as improvements to international norms where required.

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The European Union has suffered an energy crisis since June 2021 due to cyclical and structural factors, such as the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine and dependence on fossil fuels. EU leaders agreed on a new energy strategy to tackle the crisis and lay the foundations for a sustainable and decarbonised economy. The article aims to analyse energy prices and supply and the measures Europe took in 2022 to tackle the crisis.

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The next wave of nuclear energy technology has the potential to facilitate deep decarbonisation. Presentations and discussions from a recent conference explored barriers and pathways to realisation of this potential. The areas addressed included economics, government support, equity, regulatory clarity, supply chain security, and appeal to environmental, social, governance (ESG) investors, as briefly summarised herein.

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The transition to low-carbon energy production, transportation and technologies is key to mitigating climate change impacts and risks on a warming planet. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has repeatedly warned of the need for urgent action on climate, including in its 2022 climate report presenting near-, medium- and long-term risks for dangerous global warming pathways that overshoot 1.5°C for multiple decades.

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JERL has been accepted into Clarivate’s Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI)

This tracks the most influential journals in their respective fields. In June 2022, JERL received its first impact factor of 1.800 after being accepted into the SSCI