Editor’s Note, May 2020

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Nathan Eastwood
Newsletter Editor, LGBTI Law Committee


As your Editor, I am pleased to share with you the next edition of the IBA LGBTI Law Committee Newsletter. In these unusual times, where it has been incredibly difficult to stay connected and in touch with our friends and colleagues, the IBA LGBTI Law Committee Newsletter has allowed the Committee’s members to stay in touch, share stories and connect to reflect on the Committee’s work at the IBA 2019 Annual Conference in Seoul – and also to update our members on the status and need for further LGBTI law reform in 2020.

I am thrilled to report that this Newsletter saw the Committee receive the highest number of contributions in the Committee’s history and it has been inspiring to review and edit the wonderful and thought-provoking articles submitted by the Committee’s members. My heartfelt thanks to all the contributors. The topics are truly international and span the globe, highlighting LGBTI law reform in Australia, the Cayman Islands, China, Hong Kong, Paraguay, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand and the United States. The Newsletter also reflects on the Committee’s work at the IBA 2019 Annual Conference in Seoul.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an acute impact on the LGBTI community, and it is my hope that you find the articles in this Newsletter not only enriching for their academic content but also pleasing for the soul. I wish you happy reading and please keep the contributions coming. Our focus is on the next Newsletter edition in time for the IBA's 2020 Virtual Annual Conference later this year.