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From the Editors, April 2021

It was just a little over a year ago that the entire world shut down, virtually all at once, with little warning. Terrible tragedies have played out all around the globe, with families losing loved ones, businesses and, indeed, entire industries decimated, and world travel – both internationally and even within our own neighbourhoods – drastically curtailed. We felt this particularly with the cancelling of the 2020 IBA Annual Conference in Miami in October.

Released on Apr 30, 2021

Diversity and inclusion as the engine of progress

As social movements across the world promote global conversations around equality, the focus and the opportunity rest on the public and private sectors to reflect the values society cares about most.

Released on Apr 28, 2021

Diversity and inclusion Statement of the IBA Maritime and Transport Law Committee

‘Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.’ Mahatma Gandhi

Released on Apr 27, 2021

Meet the officer: Ingolf Kaiser, Co-Vice Chair

Meet the officer: Ingolf Kaiser, Co-Vice Chair.

Released on Apr 26, 2021

English case law that is of global significance

English law’s position as the often-favoured law of choice to govern international commercial contracts is long-established. English law is highly developed, certain and the quality of its judicial and arbitration personnel highly respected. The common law system and the principle of precedent provide a wealth of past case law to assist in determining the potential outcome in future disputes.

Released on Apr 23, 2021

Damages claim by pilot injured in fall while disembarking: a recent South Korean court ruling

A South Korean district court recently issued a ruling on a bodily injury accident where a marine pilot fell from a pilot ladder, shortly after completing his pilotage service aboard the ship. The accident rendered him unfit for pilot services for several months.

Released on Apr 22, 2021

After Brexit: one more thing to think about for cargo claimants

Brexit took place, as we knew it would, but thankfully not the real hard version that many had feared. Breaking up after so many years implies that that the ‘to do’ list is long.

Released on Apr 21, 2021

IMO 2020 and IMO 2030 implementation: comparisons and differences from African, Asian and European perspectives

Since 1 January 2020, ships have had to operate outside designated emission control areas using fuels of 0.5 per cent m/m (mass by mass) sulphur oxide or less, and within emission control areas to 0.1 per cent m/m or less, in order to comply with the Regulations set out in Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).

Released on Apr 20, 2021

Halliburton v Chubb – unconscious bias, impartiality, disclosure and confidentiality in London arbitration

In Halliburton v Chubb,1 the UK Supreme Court has handed down a keenly awaited judgment, clarifying the circumstances where an arbitrator must disclose their appointment in separate arbitrations involving overlapping subject matter and a common party.

Released on Apr 19, 2021

E-dispute resolution: tips and pitfalls

Online or e-dispute resolution has long been a beneficial option for resolving business disagreements, even before the spread of Covid-19. With the current disruption and bans on travel and meetings in many countries, using remote mediation means that companies still have a means of solving problems and moving their businesses on. The positive experience of e-dispute resolution is such that it is likely to remain long after the pandemic has gone.

Released on Apr 16, 2021

Arrest of ships in India where there is a foreign-seated arbitration agreement

The Admiralty Law in India has recently seen an important development by the enactment of the Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Act, 2017 (Admiralty Act).

Released on Apr 15, 2021

When a bill of lading is not spent: Yue You 902 [2019] SGHC 106

In the decision of The Yue You 902 and another matter [2020] 3 SLR 573 (Yue You 902), the Singapore High Court considered the rights of a trade finance bank seeking to enforce its security over cargoes pledged to it by its customer.

Released on Apr 14, 2021

A case about missing cigarettes – and choice of law

On 11 January 2021, the High Court of Eastern Denmark rendered a judgment in a direct-action lawsuit initiated by a tobacco manufacturer against a Dutch freight liability insurer due to the loss of 756 cartons of cigarettes in connection with a carriage by road from the plant in Hungary to the point of delivery in Denmark.

Released on Apr 13, 2021

The Stolt Commitment v Thorco Cloud Collision case revisited by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands

This article sets out the Dutch Supreme Court’s decision of 29 May 2020 in the Stolt Commitment v Thorco Cloud case.

Released on Apr 1, 2021

A right to call my lawyer’s chatbot

A right to call my lawyer’s chatbot- July 2020

Released on Aug 10, 2020

From the Chairs - Maritime and Transport Law Committee newsletter article, July 2020

By Richard V. Singleton and Godofredo Mendes Vianna. From the Chairs - Maritime and Transport Law Committee newsletter article, July 2020

Released on Jul 1, 2020

From the Editors - Maritime and Transport Law Committee newsletter article, July 2020

From the editors - Maritime and Transport Law Committee newsletter article, July 2020

Released on Jul 1, 2020

Diversity series: What are you doing to promote diversity? - Litigation Committee newsletter article, April 2020

Diversity series: What are you doing to promote diversity? - Litigation Committee newsletter article, April 2020

Released on Apr 6, 2020

Diversity series: Tackling impostor syndrome

The US Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on 18 September, was an outspoken advocate of gender equality, equality more generally and the rule of law. She was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1993, the second of only four women to have served on the US Supreme Court. The film On the Basis of Sex is a legal drama based on her early life.

Released on Mar 9, 2020

From the Editor - March 2020

In the current global context, caused by the spread of SARS-CoV2 coronavirus, the oil and gas sector is facing a massive challenge, the scale of which is still to be seen. The coronavirus pandemic, and the drastic measures taken worldwide to counter the spread of coronavirus infections, has strongly affected oil demand demonstrated by a price war between Riyadh and Moscow and the price of oil barrels dropping significantly.

Released on Mar 8, 2020

From the Chair - March 2020

At the time of writing (early March), the economic and practical impacts of coronavirus on the oil and gas sector continue to play out and are moving at a pace that quickly renders any commentary on the situation out of date.

Released on Mar 8, 2020

The IBA War Crimes Committee’s submissions and recommendations to major multilateral conventions on atrocity crimes

Over the past two years, the IBA’s War Crimes Committee has been actively involved in efforts to strengthen the drafts of two major multilateral conventions focused on atrocity crimes. The first is the International Law Commission’s articles on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity, which could form the basis for the world’s first multilateral convention on the crime. The second is a state-led effort to create a multilateral convention on mutual legal assistance and extradition

Released on Jun 21, 2018

Class actions in the UK: preparing for a changing landscape

If you were asked to name a well-known example of a class action, the first one to spring to mind might be Hollywood's Erin Brockovich, based on the true story of a Californian community that claimed for damages against an energy corporation for suspected groundwater contamination, and secured a multi-million-dollar settlement.

Fleeing persecution: experience of LGBTI asylum seekers in Australia

In many societies, many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people are subject to serious human rights abuses for not conforming to culturally established norms on sexuality or gender. As a result, LGBTI asylum seekers are prone to facing complex challenges arising from discrimination, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in their country of origin.

Is Mexico City really an oasis for LGBTI rights? Conversion therapy ban and LGBTI political rights as recent trends

This article looks at LGBTI rights in Mexico City, and LGBTI political rights and the ban on conversion therapy as recent trends.

IBA Officers participate in anti-discrimination event held by National Bar Council of Italy

In late 2020, the National Bar Council of Italy (known as the Consiglio Nazionale Forense, or ‘CNF’), the public institution that represents lawyers in Italy, launched a project to study and combat discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or race. The project marks the first major institutional drive by the CNF to focus on this area in Italy.

From the Editor, LGBTI Law Committee, April 2021

A message from the Editor of the LGBTI Law Committee, April 2021.

Northern Ireland – the journey to legalising same-sex marriage

On 22 May 2015 the Government of the Republic of Ireland held a referendum to amend the Irish Constitution and legalise same-sex marriage. This amendment was approved by 62 per cent of the electorate (with 38 per cent voting against it) and therefore a country that was widely considered to be historically conservative became the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote.

Japan: a different Valentine’s Day story

On 17 March 2021, the Sapporo District Court handed down what is considered by many as a historic landmark ruling establishing that it is unconstitutional to bar same-sex marriage.

Editor’s Note – Pro Bono Committee e-Bulletin

By Pamela R Kovacs. Editor’s Note – Pro Bono Committee e-Bulletin