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Unconventional approaches to ESG compliance in Pakistan

ESG compliance has emerged as the standard by which companies' environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are evaluated. Companies employ diverse methods to ensure ESG compliance, emphasising the growing importance of social responsibility. This article aims to highlight the laws and policies for companies in Pakistan that promote ESG compliance through unconventional means.

Released on Jul 31, 2023

Biodiversity: why should we worry?

The biodiversity loss theme is growing on the international sustainability agenda; is this a trend that has come to stay? How does it align with demands on climate change?

Released on Jul 10, 2023

Biodiversity: the Nagoya Protocol and its impacts in Brazil

The Nagoya Protocol is an international agreement that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources and sharing benefits. It strengthens the contribution of biodiversity to environmental development. In August 2020, Brazil ratified the Protocol: it now has the right to vote and will be able to influence the significant decisions that are still to be made in the implementation procedure of this agreement, promoting a fair and equitable share of the benefits brought by the use of geneti

The negative environmental effects of plastic shopping bags

The humble plastic bag is a common commodity often used for shopping, but is also an important item in the global litter network. A policy of education should be undertaken to teach the general public about the detrimental effect on the ecosystem of careless use of plastic bags. intensifying the drive by highlighting the danger plastic bags pose to affect our climate, safety, marine life and tourism

The gaps in final disposal of cannabis-based products in Brazilian legislation

The use of cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes was authorised in Brazil by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) in 2019, but with a series of safeguards and precautions. There is also a provision that such products should be subjected to proper environmental final disposal, but the legislation in force has several gaps within this subject. This article aims to explore the inconsistences and alternatives for the legal treatment of the waste originated from the usage of these cannabis-

Tackling open defecation in Nigeria

Tackling open defecation in Nigeria

New asbestos removal policy in Flanders

The Flemish government has adopted a new policy to remove asbestos from buildings. The ultimate goal of these rules is to create an asbestos-safe environment by 2040. One measure is the introduction of an attestation of asbestos inventory (asbestinventarisatieattest). This attestation will need to be present at every transfer of real estate in Flanders. The decree was adopted in the spring of 2019, but the precise date of entry into force of the provisions regarding asbestos still needs to be determined by

Environmental health and safety in Ghana

Research on environmental performance issues have been predominantly focused on the United States. Limited research exists about the developing world. This article examines environmental health and safety issues in Ghana.

Environmental regulation: a key response to sustainability challenges in the Nigerian oil and gas industry

The focus of this paper is the need for an integrated regulatory framework that aligns both sustainable and legislative policies for environmental governance in Nigeria.