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Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Until recently, neurodivergent individuals are likely to have been treated in a different and unfair way, which causes disempowerment, discrimination and unequal life opportunities. There is still a long way to go in terms of tackling the stigma. However, companies are becoming increasingly aware that great minds think differently, and that employing people who are neurodiverse can be a huge competitive advantage.

Released on Jul 14, 2021

ERF D&I European Legal Sector Article

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) is a topic that is increasingly becoming part of core business strategy, no longer simply an issue for HR to consider. With increasing evidence that ED&I directly contributes to business outperformance, many business leaders today are looking to up their game in this space. How can we afford not to take this agenda seriously?

Released on Jul 14, 2021

IBA Wellbeing Survey: the need for a more effective response from the legal profession

In 2019, the IBA established a taskforce with a view to implementing an internationally coordinated response to all too frequent reports of substance abuse, severe depression and suicide within the profession. This article explores recent findings from the taskforce’s wellbeing survey.

Released on May 28, 2021

Covid-19 vaccines: compensation issues for Covid-19 vaccine injuries in Sweden

In Sweden, the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance enables individuals to obtain compensation for vaccine-related personal injuries. However, liability under the Insurance has recently been limited in relation to certain personal injuries caused by Covid-19 vaccines. In order to ensure an efficient and comprehensive compensation system for potential Covid-19 vaccine injuries, the Swedish Government has recently proposed a new law on state compensation.

Released on May 28, 2021

Get to know the IBA European Regional Forum Officers of 2021

Get to know the IBA European Regional Forum Officers of 2021.

Class actions in the UK: preparing for a changing landscape

If you were asked to name a well-known example of a class action, the first one to spring to mind might be Hollywood's Erin Brockovich, based on the true story of a Californian community that claimed for damages against an energy corporation for suspected groundwater contamination, and secured a multi-million-dollar settlement.

What they didn't teach you at law school: keeping mentally fit in your professional life

Chris Owen, Co-Chair of the IBA European Regional Forum was recently invited by the Slovak Bar Association to give a talk on the subject of keeping mentally fit in your professional life. Chris began the talk by looking at the historical reluctance within the legal profession to talk about our own or other people’s mental wellbeing. It was not considered an appropriate subject of conversation.

2nd IBA European Automotive and Mobility Services Conference takeaways

At the 2nd IBA European Automotive and Mobility Services Conference held last week we heard from Professor Nick Reed as the keynote speaker of the need for a radical transformation of mobility services based on a coherent vision that embraces safety, sustainability, prosperity, equality and inclusion. To Professor Reed, the 2020s are likely to be the decade of transport data which we will need to aggregate and analyse to inform that vision.

Draft corporate group law in Poland – a revolutionary legislative initiative

By Dr Joanna Schubel. The expert committee in the Polish government published in July 2020 a draft regulation on a new corporate group law. The proposed solutions are revolutionary for Polish corporate law as they include a recognition of a common interest of the group. The committee hopes that the draft will still be discussed in the Polish parliament this autumn.

What if future EU mandatory human rights due diligence legislation comes to rescue of French Corporate Duty of Vigilance law?

French Law has recently implemented a recent obligation on companies to implement a human rights due diligence vigilance plan. EU legislators are also considering introducing legislation requiring companies operating on the EU market to take steps to prevent any human rights and environmental violations arising out of their business activities. However, the scope and the applicability of the law has yet to be determined

How will contemplated laws protect the results of AI activity in Europe? Considerations under selected provisions of EU law

The legal protection of artificial intelligence is one of the current challenges to EU law. Since it is accepted that artificial intelligence regulation should remain in the realm of intellectual property law, the same approach could be adopted to the results of artificial intelligence activity. Copyright law has historically been adopted to protect immaterial goods created by humans.

The need for taking action to improve the mental health of legal professionals

There is a mental health crisis in the Spanish legal profession. This we know. Yet speak with any senior leader in the sector, and you would be forgiven for thinking that nothing is wrong.

La necesidad de tomar medidas para mejorar la salud mental de los profesionales legales

La necesidad de tomar medidas para mejorar la salud mental de los profesionales legales

What good can come of this? Emotional and mental wellbeing

In May, the European Regional Forum organised a webinar on the topic, What good can come of this? Emotional and mental wellbeing and the legal workplace post Covid-19. The webinar explored the challenges law firms in developing working practices face when supporting the emotional and mental wellbeing of their staff, during and after the pandemic.

Key messages relating to the world of startups

Key messages relating to the world of startups – European Regional Forum, March 2020.