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Editor’s Note – Pro Bono Committee e-Bulletin

By Pamela R Kovacs. Editor’s Note – Pro Bono Committee e-Bulletin

The crucial role of pro bono legal services for freedom of expression and development of the law

In this article, the importance of pro bono legal services is highlighted in public interest matters regarding freedom of expression. The article reviews the introduction of a Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suit defence in a defamation suit against environmental defendants in South Africa.

Covid-19: access to justice in Brazil and the importance of pro bono lawyering

This article explores challenges in accessing justice in Brazil during Covid-19 and highlights pro bono efforts to support public interest and social impact matters.

Analysis of prisoner releases in response to Covid-19 and pro bono opportunities

This article provides an overview of key findings from a December 2020 report analysing prisoner releases in 53 countries during Covid-19 and highlighting findings for further pro bono support.

Trial and error over trial and pandemic: tracing a pro bono matter during the pandemic

This article details the journey of a pro bono correctional matter during Covid-19 and identifies the responsibility for all those in the legal field to continue services despite obstacles presented by the pandemic.

Irish pro bono landscape

This article reflects on growing pro bono practice in Ireland, highlighting recent policy initiatives including hiring of pro bono associates, changes requiring lawyers involved in government framework agreements for legal services to undertake pro bono work, and a Pro Bono Pledge. Ongoing pro bono initiatives are also featured, including additional support during Covid-19.

Pro bono lawyering: a view from Italy

This article considers the history of pro bono lawyering, the reasons behind its growing popularity, and how pro bono practice is growing in Italy with the introduction of a first association to promote pro bono culture and practice.

Tax and women: achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This article explores why women, particularly women in developing countries, are impacted by taxation systems in a way that has only recently become part of the mainstream tax and development debate. Through the declaration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the international community has signalled the importance of all parts of society to work to improve women’s lives. As part of that, progressive tax systems can allow women to take on paid work outside the home, to improve the h

Strategies to promote gender equality and end violence against women through pro bono legal services

Discrimination and violence against women are problems with high prevalence and huge impact. This article discusses how the issue of gender inequality can be treated by pro bono work. Taking the experience of Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados, the text highlights the role of the private sector to improve women’s rights through dedicated pro bono efforts.

South African court hands down ground-breaking judgment on undocumented children’s right to a basic education

Recently a full bench of the High Court in South Africa handed down a ground-breaking judgment which upheld the rights of undocumented children to a basic education and ruled that the right to a basic education enshrined in the South African Constitution applies to all regardless of their status. This landmark judgment provides much needed protection to countless undocumented and vulnerable children in South Africa. The application was brought by public interest organisations in the interests of all affect

Apartheid was a crime against humanity and the evidence is irrefutable

In South Africa, efforts are underway to reopen inquests into the deaths of various anti-apartheid activists who died at the hands of the state during apartheid. Along with other organisations, the Pro Bono Department of Webber Wentzel is working to right past injustices and through new legal inquests, shed light on the lives and deaths of brave activists.

A new constitution amid Chile’s social crisis: the role of pro bono lawyers in mainstreaming public participation

On 18 October 2019 Chile saw a turning point in its history and politics. A CLP30 increase subway fares triggered a series of protests calling for social and economic change through legal reform. Due to this social crisis, political actors from different sectors signed the Agreement for Social Peace and New Constitution which gave rise to an unprecedented constitutional procedure in Chile’s history and the active participation of the Chilean public via a referendum. Lawyers from Albagli Zaliasnik share the

Pro bono through blockchain: Tokens Pombo

Tokens Pombo are an innovative combination between blockchain technology and pro bono projects in support of access to justice. As the Fernando Pombo Foundation explains, this methodology introduces a new manner of charitable fundraising that results in the total transparency and traceability of a donation. This initiative is social engagement through the application of technology and legal innovation, and aims specifically at the rights of victims of gender-based violence, victims of trafficking for the p

A global firm takes on global warming: DLA Piper and Georgia at the UNFCCC

DLA Piper has provided pro bono representation for Georgia in multilateral climate-change negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for a number of years. This article reviews the benefit this can wield for a developing country as well as what is involved in representing a country in this capacity, including sending volunteer lawyers to various locations around the world and, during key moments of negotiation, providing round-the-clock support.

Protecting biodiversity in the high seas: pro bono support during United Nations treaty negotiations

A junior associate reflects on Withers Worldwide’s pro bono work for the High Seas Alliance in its advocacy with states and other stakeholders for the development of a new treaty regarding the protection of biodiversity on the high seas/areas beyond national jurisdiction.

A pro bono career path: a guide for lawyers

A new report, ‘The Nature and Prevalence of Pro Bono Partner Roles Globally’, produced collaboratively by DLA Piper, the Australian Pro Bono Centre, the Pro Bono Institute, and the Thomson Reuters Foundation, reveals a significant increase in the appointment of pro bono partners at law firms over the last 20 years. As of 2019, 66 known examples of dedicated pro bono partners in more than 55 law firms were identified, highlighting a growing commitment to pro bono as well as recognition for the value of thes

The development of pro bono in Asia: opportunities and challenges

What is the current state of pro bono in Asia? This article summarises the Pro Bono Committee’s session at the 2019 IBA Annual Conference. Panellists explain some common challenges, such as adequate infrastructure and support for lawyers, and common interests in matters such as incentives to undertake pro bono. There is also considerable diversity among the approaches taken by different jurisdictions, ranging from voluntary pro bono legal services, to required paid contributions, state-funded legal aid, an

Legal and business news from the IBA - Oct/Nov 2016

IBA Global Insight Oct/Nov 2016 - legal and business news from the IBA. IMF MD Christine Lagarde discusses corruption and sustainable growth; online coverage of IBA Annual Conference Washington 2016; a look forward to IBA Annual Conference 2017 in Sydney; Pro Bono Award winner Odette Geldenhuys and Human Rights Award winner Remy Choo Zheng Xi; Fellowship for Innovation articles; Global Employment Institute report on business and employees; legal regulators' directory; business of law book series

Legal and business news from the IBA - December 2015/January 2016

IBA Global Insight - legal and business news from the IBA - December 2015/January 2016: ISIS terrorist attacks; in memoriam; IBA award recipients; IBA Legal Policy and Research Unit; Trade in Legal Services Committee; Alternative Business Structures Committee; President's message on Annual Conference 2015; Judicial Integrity Initiative; IBA Fellowship