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Baroness Hale of Richmond, UK’s Supreme Court Deputy President

Baroness Hale of Richmond, the UK’s Supreme Court Deputy President, is the most senior female judge in the history of the country. In this filmed interview she discusses issues including the representation of women and minority groups in the legal profession, discrimination, diversity, family law, legal aid, the Supreme Court, the Human Rights Act and the European Court on Human Rights.

Released on Jan 15, 2015

IBAHRI welcomes court ruling that Metropolitan Police in London unlawfully banned climate campaign group

Following widespread protesting by Extinction Rebellion – an international climate change campaign group – in October 2019, the Metropolitan Police in London, the capital of the United Kingdom (UK), had placed a ban on any more than two people belonging to the group assembling to protest anywhere in the city.

Europe: To stay or not to stay, that is the question

IBA Global Insight, June/July 2016. Since its inception under the Treaty of Rome in 1958, no country has ever exited the European Union. The possibility of entering uncharted waters has ensured fraught debate ahead of the United Kingdom’s referendum on membership.

Europe’s future: uncertainty and misunderstanding in run-up to UK referendum

In the run-up to the UK’s referendum on EU membership on 23 June, experts are warning that there are still many questions left unanswered